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Moleskine is a brand that identifies a family of notebooks, diaries, city guides, and accessories for Writing, Travelling, and Reading. Flexible and brilliantly simple tools for use both in everyday and extraordinary circumstances, ultimately becoming an integral part of one’s personality.

I'm thinking about having one

Story by Lubov Bevz

I like to write during my studies. And I like to organise my time and studies. Seems like moleskine will fullfill all my needs. And it looks so stylish, simple and high quality.

They're the nest of my thoughts

Story by mariliva mattiolo , Italy

I have been using Moleskine notebooks since my high school years after reading Bruce Chatwin’s books and I still do. Now my iPad stands by them, but they’re the nest of my thoughts. Life wouldn’t be the same didn’t I have my Moleskine. It has become a habit, a comforting continuity in an everchanging environment.

Emotions and memories

Story by Enrico Galasso , Italy

I have been using Moleskine since I was 15 years old and it has been a loyal companion! I am a tech-guy but I like to write my notes and thoughts on paper because I can get back and read both the words and the emotion of the moment! That’s a Moleskine! Emotions and memories!

I found true love

Story by Liam

In some recent novels I had read, characters used a Moleskine. I decided to check them out online, and then a few days later I was in Borders where I found a bunch of them! I was so thrilled, but I didn’t have much money on me, so I bought a pair of green Volants…then…

I was addicted instantly!

Story by J.Sharay

My mother-in-law gave me my first Moleskine expierence! I got an address book for Christmas and I was addicted instantly! I got myself a diary for 2010 right away – daily planned, of course. Now I’m planning to buy a notebook, even though I don’t have that many things to note down…just addicted to having…

Just perfectly pretentious

Story by K. Wolterman

Moleskine notebooks, despite the price tag, are my Lovemark. Everything from the yellowed, smooth pages to its fraying, purple bookmark is just perfectly pretentious—in a good way. I was first drawn to them because they are, after all, the notebooks of Ernest Hemingway and Van Gogh. This is not to mention the million different varieties…

Makes an awesome gift

Moleskine makes an awesome gift: useful, cult, and creative. I always give away a Moleskine notebook to someone who will appreciate the history behind it. Everywere I go, my Moleskine comes with me – I use it as a written memory album, with thoughts, ideas, and wishes.

Moleskines are awesome

Story by Cynthia , United States

The perfect combination of form and function. A convenient little packet to capture your thoughts and imagination. I love these notebooks for creating art and keeping my life on track. Moleskines are awesome.

Already worth it

Story by sabrinatd

I just love Moleskine. Don’t know when it started, but now I have like ten of them, from agendas to city books to notebooks. I could have them all! I’m doing a Masters here in Milan and through it I got the possibility to intern at Moleskine. I will check out how it all works,…

They got me!

Story by AaronBMiller

I am guilty of loving Moleskine for no apparent reason other than I just love it. I feel that the quality is superior to other notebooks. Is it worth $18 for a notebook, probably not, but they got me! I spent $35 on Moleskine this week. They are a sleek design and have a nice…

Exactly what I need!

Story by Julia , Russian Federation

The truth is that I am crazy about any kind of notebooks. I feel I need it everywhere at any time no matter what I am doing: working, travelling, chatting, even shopping. I wander among different models never thinking about special brands and Lovemarks. Recenty I came across the Moleskine – that’s changed my mind….

My security blanket

Moleskine is the only journal I will ever use. My first Moleskine was in 2006. I would be completely lost without the wonderful books. I don’t write as often as I would like, but just seeing it everyday in my bag is an immense comfort to me. I guess Moleskine is my security blanket.

I'm loving it!

Story by Lara , Argentina

More than a notebook, I can’t imagine travelling without my Moleskine. My Moleskine and my iPod are my obsession. I’m loving it!

Won me over

I have been searching around for a 2009 diary for the following year. My friend mentioned this Moleskine Diary she was itching to have and recomended it so much that we set a date to go get one each. The day before I encountered an old friend who had one. I skipped through hers and…

Makes me want to create

Story by Katrin , Russian Federation

Yesterday I got my own Moleskine. A funny thing – it makes me want to create something. To write a note, a thought, a quote, to draw, even though I cannot draw. I wonder – how long will it last? How long this true magic will last?

Made planning my week a pleasure

Story by Joe Bunting , United States

I was reticent to get a Moleskine planner because my best friend had one. I didn’t want to look like I was copying him, but I was secretly envious of the practical design and smooth, rich paper. When I saw a pocket sized edition of the same planner I jumped on it. It has made…

A truly great product

Story by PhillyGuy

I just got my first Moleskine notebook a week ago. Wow! I prefer to use a fountain pen (a Parker 51 writes better than anything else!) but the commercial notebooks aren’t ideal. The Moleskine notebook is fantastic in absorbing the fountain pen ink. This is the brand that I will be using from now on! Thanks for…

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