Mister Rogers

Fred Rogers began developing his ideas for children's programming in the 1950s. He is best known for "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood," which became the longest-running program on the PBS and picked up four Emmys. A cardigan sweater belonging to Rogers hangs in the Smithsonian.

A glorious, gentle soul

Story by E Brewster , United States

Children responded to Fred Rogers because his goodness and light shone out from his quiet, unassuming personality. Since his death, there have been so many stories about people that he helped personally. What a glorious, gentle soul. Can you imagine him on Nickelodeon? Nope! Not enough bright colors and loud noises. We aren’t likely to…

Embodies a loving, trusting nature

Story by Laurie Medvick , United States

Mr Rogers has been a gentle, respectful, stable influence for children for more than 30 years. The show was (and thanks to such an extensive catalog, providential funding, and timelessness IS) a real treat for children and parents. Fred Rogers is the real Lovemark for me, though. He embodied a loving, trusting nature, he was…

Red sweater and sneakers

Story by Bob Brault , United States

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was always a place you could go and hear a soothing voice that made childhood a lot less scary. Although Fred has crossed over to the ultimate “land of make believe”, his warmth, red sweater and sneakers will live on for another generation of kids in syndication.

Glad for the re-runs

Story by Trip Mitchell , United States

Hey, what can I say? Even if he was a bit corny; Fred Rogers was always there to tell us we were special, we were loved, and that we were safe. I’m 35 years old, and i took a hit when Mister Rogers died. I’m glad the re-runs are still here for my children

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