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Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney’s most famous character, made his screen debut on November 18, 1928, as star of the first sound cartoon, Steamboat Willie.

Lovely Memories

Story by Nadia Sumanaputri , Indonesia

Mickey Mouse is my happiness. He is my favourite Disney character ever. He is wise, friendly and nice, but my favourite part of his storyline is his relationship with Minnie. They are my favourite couple! When I was a child and I couldn’t sleep, my father would turn on the Mickey Mouse DVDs and let…

Unique Mickey

Story by Agustina

Mickey Mouse is unique. I like him because he is so fresh and cute, that is why he has fans that are children and adults. I love Mickey Mouse!  

An icon of my past

Story by sonia oliviani , Indonesia

Mickey mouse is an icon of my past. She brought a lot of joy into my childhood. Even now I really like collecting things with a picture of Mickey Mouse. It is the eternal figure of my childhood and I am thankful for having been able to be part of that era. 


Story by Nadia Sumanaputri , Indonesia

Mickey is  eternal favorite Disney character ever. He is wise, friendly, nice, but what I love the most is his love story with Minnie. They are my favorite couple of all the time. I’ve loved Mickey since I was a child. When I have so many beautiful memories of Disney, but espeicially Mickey. 

I have everything Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is really my true Lovemark. Mickey is really cute. Because Mickey as my Lovemark, I have everything Mickey Mouse. I collect as many Mickey Mouse stuff. I don’t know how to explain about my love for this Disney character. Besides being a cute character, Mickey looks elegant. Don’t know why, but I see Mickey has a personality…

Make anyone smile

Story by Christine , United States

Mickey Mouse has the ability to make anyone smile. How could you not love this creature. From young to old he is a forever icon. Go Mickey!

He even has his own world..

Story by Angie Reynolds , United Kingdom

Mickey Mouse has it all! Great friends and a cool outfit that we never tire of seeing him in (even though he has been wearing it for over 75 years). He even has his own world – thats right the world of ‘Disney’.

Child-like values

Story by Adip Puri , India

He is every child’s fantasy as well as representing the child-like values of every adult. He is cuddly cute, lovable, animated, fictitious, real enough to talk to.

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