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Michael Moore

Michael Moore is an American filmmaker, author and liberal political commentator. His films include Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11 and Sicko.

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Don't need you to make up our minds

Story by Jimmy Ray , United States

Michael Moore is a demogogue disguising as a journalist. As a full red blooded American liberal, who is not afraid to stand up and say it loudly, I am ashamed of Michael Moore and his fast editing of sound bites to present his version of a story. If Michael Moore presented the truth plain and…

What if he looked like Brad Pitt ?

Story by Dominic , United Kingdom

Michael Moore is a modern day saint, and just like Bill Hicks who came before him, Michael has come to set us all free. It seems America doesn’t embrace the rebel anymore, perhaps it’s because he doesn’t look as pretty as other saintly people. I think if he looked like Brad Pitt, there would already…


Story by Jack , United States

I love what Michael Moore represents: the death of the arrogant ideology of the leftist radicals in the United States. Moore made Fahrenehit 9/11 for the sole purpose of destroying the Bush administration. It was the highest grossing documentary ever and still 60,000,000 people have ignored his ridiculous blather and voted for Bush anyway. I…

Courage to fight

Story by A. Marie , United States

Michael Moore is so strong, shows such courage. I really admire his willingness to devote his life to exposing those who abuse power. I was at a restaurant recently and talking about Farenheit 9/11 when a man seated near us joined in the conversation. He happened to be African American and said, “Michael Moore is…

Full marks to Michael

Story by Leslie Lewis , Canada

An honest man like this is hard to love, hard not to love. He’s despised and rejected in his own country, which puts him in some pretty good company. He deserves full marks.

A big fat glorious Lovemark

Story by Luna Moon , Australia

Michael Moore is a citizen of the world and a true U.S. patriot. This man should run for president. To paraphrase the words of Al Franken (political speaker and famed comedic writer of SNL) Moore’s love is a grown up love of America…”while he loves mommy, he can see that mommy sometimes makes BIG MISTAKES!”…

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