Michael Kors

Michael Kors is a New York City-based fashion designer widely known for designing classic American sportswear for women.

Iconic Elegance

Story by lew

My Lovemark is Michael Kors shoes. Every time I get to the Michael Kors display, I automatically feel happy and inspired. His shoes are really pretty. The lines they have are amazing and the leather has a shine to them that is just perfect. They are so soft and the leather smells so good, they…

Makes Me Glamorous

Story by Renata Pratiwi , Indonesia

I have been a Michael Kors lover since last year, I especially love his totes. Everything is beautifully made. It was one of my dreams to have a Michael Kors bag, and now I own a Michael Kors Large Hamilton Saffiano Tote. With my Saffiano Tote on my arm I can’t help but feel glamorous.

My very own

Story by Tiffany , United States

My twin sister purchased a new watch. It was Michael Kors. It looked so nifty. I wanted to get a new watch, even though mine worked perfectly fine. My sister and I got our mom a Michael Kors watch for Christmas. It has a silver band made up of linked M’s (for “Michael”), and a…

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