Mexico is a federal constitutional republic in North America and the fifth largest country in the Americas by total area.

A thousand ways to stimulate

Story by Nicolas Martin , France

If you’re looking for an unforgettable lifetime experience, this is just the place you need to go to. In Mexico you will always find a thousand ways to stimulate your five senses: the colours of the cities, the landscape and the sky, the scent of the local markets and of the blossom Jacarandas, the taste…

Worth it for the tacos alone

Story by Derek , Canada

Go to Mexico! The people are among the warmest, most welcoming people you will ever encounter! But most of all, real Mexican tacos are unbelievable! You really have to try them for yourself to understand. Taco Bell is not real Mexican food! Trust me, the trip is worth it for the tacos alone! Viva Mexico!…

The smiles stay constant

Story by Cindy Cox , United States

Mexico is a marvelously picturesque country with vistas to suit any taste. There are contrasts in scenary, style, food, weather, terrain, when you move from one state to the next but one thing seems to stay constant; the smiles of the people.

Come and discover my country

Story by Gustavo Padilla , Mexico

Mexico is a country with a lot of different countries inside. The splendor, tradition, colors, food, culture and the most beautiful beaches makes this country the place to visit. Let the adventure start, come and discover my country, discover the magic and mystery of my México.

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