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Mario Frangoulis

Mario Frangoulis is a Greek tenor and performer of opera and operatic pop.

In a class of his own

Story by Jeannie Frank , United States

I have the Sometimes I Dream DVD and 3 of Mario’s CDs and I was just been introduced to him a week ago. The man is beautiful to behold. He sings from his soul and his passion for his music shines through. I believe he can sing any genre of music he wishes. He is…

He conquered me with his beautiful voice

Story by Fran , Chile

Mario Frangoulis enchants me. He conquered me with his beautiful voice, his charisma and his charming personality. To listen to his songs is really a true pleasure that I hope to be able to continue doing it by very many years.

A great x 70 voice

Story by Konstantinos Fanaritis , Canada

I love Mario. He has an amazing voice. I have 2 of his CDs. I have even introduced myself to him a couple of years ago at a concert in the city of Argos in my country of Greece. I also have to say that he is a great human being, he has a great…

A depth few performers attain

Story by George Houghtaling , United States

Mario’s passion for his music reaches a depth few performers attain. His rich tones throughout different genres and languages are amazing. A certain clarity for the music performed touches your soul and takes you on a journey of the human spirit.

Incredible beyond belief

Story by FranFanBecky , United States

Mario’s voice is incredible beyond belief. He can sing all genres and in all languages to perfection. His stage presence is polished yet genuine. A true class-act artist. Oh yes, he is very handsome to behold also. I would give him a million votes if I could.

I'll follow him until I grow old

Story by Cathy-Dimitra , Greece

I love Mario’s voice. He is a very sweet and mysterious performer – kind with serious undertones. Everytime that I hear his voice it makes me dream. I have followed him to just about every concert for six years. I will no doubt continue to follow him until I grow old.

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