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Madonna is an American pop singer, composer, actress, dancer, author, activist, and fashion icon. She rose to prominence in the 1980s, and has become one of the best-selling female artists of all time.

100% loyal

Story by leslirules , United States

Madonna is the only product I can think of that I’m 100% loyal to! I cant think of a shampoo, eyeliner, clothing line, snack, drink, car or other brand that I have ever fully committed to or couldn’t live without!! You couldn’t invent something more charismatic, dark and dirty, lustful, sadistic, powerful, inspiring or beautiful!

Living muse of our times

Story by JJay , Thailand

The true living MUSE of our times. Constantly always inspiring people with things that are so simple but yet exciting and exotic!

Ever evolving and ALWAYS surprising

Story by Anonymous

Music is not even the defining factor when it comes to Madonna. She is the only artist I know that has discovered the elixir of eternal life. I have deep admiration for her continuous growth and rediscovery – her brand is a living organism that is ever evolving and ALWAYS surprising. One smart lady. My…

She does bring light to people!

Story by Igor Zaroubin , Russian Federation

She does bring light to people! She was just 2 meters away from me at the Moscow Confessions show and she looked at me and smiled!  Just for a second! She is a light generator and a warrior of god!  Fortunately the god made her understand her real role in this world and she has…

Madonna is irresistible

Story by Thomas Tan , Singapore

Madonna is irresistible. She is one of the most influential people in the world. More so than most of the politicians. She taught people to live life with no apologies, be creative and imaginative, nothing is too taboo to talk about or experience. Even now as a mother, although she may not be as brassy…

She's an art

Story by Maj , United States

MADONNA is a genius of HERSELF. She’s an inspiration. She’s an art. God Bless her and everyone who truly “understands” what she means to each of us! :o)

If you really want something...

Story by Panos Goumalatsos , Greece

I firstly admire her success. She has became the most popular pop singer from nothing. She left her country with only 35 dollars and now she has millions. She has created a whole show system and she has became an example for singers around the world to imitate her. The only ‘weak’ point of Madonna…

Most inspired by her body of work

Story by Andrew Filipe , Canada

I grew up on her music, and she became my only real role model when I was younger. The more I learned about Madonna and her work when I was a kid the more comfortable I became with my own sexuality. “Poor is the man whose pleasure depends on the permission of another” (from ‘Justify…

She is an icon

Story by Gun Pulhan , Turkey

She is an icon. She is an idol. She is the one. She is the new. She is the next big thing for more than 20 years.

Constantly reinventing herself

Story by Keith Davidson , Italy

Believe me, I’m not a fan, but she has got to be a Lovemark. Expertly marketed and constantly reinventing herself, she has managed to maintain huge popularity across considerable time and changing trends.

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