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Lush is a brand of hand-made bath products, soaps, body lotions and cosmetics. The company is based in the United Kingdom and has more than 400 stores worldwide.

All Natural

Story by Josephine Nicole , Indonesia

I love natural products so much. Lush is great. They have a spectacular range of products, and you know that they’re good for you as they’re all natural. 

It feels like home

Story by Zeynep Demirci , Turkey

You can smell happiness from the corner of the street, you can see the cheerfulness when you enter the shop. Lush is a bit more than just a soap shop. Even if you are a stranger in a foreign country, when you get “that” smell it feels like home.

My love for Lush

Story by kristin wilson

Hand-made, globally available, (globally aware), vegan, vegetarian, all-natural and organic products that make you feel good, smell good and refresh your mind. What’s not to love? Very few of the products come in any packaging at all, and those that do are 100% recyclable. I first stumbled upon Lush in the Orlando International Airport, and…

Tried, failed, tried and succeeded

Story by Jo Stetzel , United Kingdom

Not only do Lush make fantastic products, it is the only significantly sized company I am aware of where, by logging on to the Lush Forum, you can directly ‘chat’ by e-mail with the owner, Mark Constantine. Forumites are encouraged to give feedback to the company, whether it is positive or negative. It is truly…

Heavenly smells and textures

Story by Britta Herzer , United Kingdom

Lush is my one vice. I don’t feel complete if I don’t use my Lush facescrub, moisturiser, toner, soap…and the list goes on. Heavenly smells and textures and the best thing is that it is constantly evolving. I spend far too much money on it but I don’t care!

Happy, relaxed, helpful...

Story by Vanessa Vigar , Netherlands

Lush is an international company that is proud of its roots in my home town of Poole, Dorset, UK. I am proud that they have won many ‘best employer’awards and that in evey shop I have visted, the staff are happy, relaxed, helpful and believe in what they do. Being proud of a company when…

Good for my soul

Story by Helen , United Kingdom

LUSH is beyond words. It’s more than cosmetics, it’s a way of life. The people behind it are honest, genuine, animal loving folk who pour their heart and soul into each and every product. LUSH is good for my soul, as well as the hair, skin…

Amazing way of loving yourself

Story by Jen H , United Kingdom

I adore Lush products. Firstly, they are made from natural ingredients which are incredibly effective and smell absolutely fantastic. Secondly, they are bunny friendly. None are tested on animals and neither are their ingredients. Not only are all their products vegetarian, but many are vegan too. I have become accustomed to beautiful soft skin and…

They don't just do soap

Story by Heather , United Kingdom

Lush is an amazing company. From their principle on all natural, all authentic products to the way they put the name and picture of the person who handmade the product, their approach is unique. They don’t just do soap, they do all sorts of wonderful, delicious bath products. I first became aware of Lush when…

Most fun little stores

Story by Christine , United States

Lush has the most fabulous soaps and the most fun little stores. Handmade, all natural, mostly vegan. I’ve never feel so beautiful as when I’ve bathed with these products.

Dream a little dream

Story by Veronica Formelli , Italy

Soap goes veg. If you want to dream a little dream. All you need is water. Pink like a candy bar and delicious like a coconut in a midsummer night. Lush smells like a warm pillow that listens to my dreams while I am sleeping. Lush is a tender bath that always covers me with…

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