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Luke McAlister

Charles Luke McAlister is a New Zealand rugby union player. McAlister played in four of the All Blacks' five matches at the 2007 Rugby World Cup.

Hot, Hot, Hot

Story by Miss Cecil , New Zealand

To the sexiest guy in this world. Luke McAlister you are hot, hot, hot! How great it is to watch the game when your around. Short and sweet.

You rock my socks off

Story by Kat Hiku , New Zealand

Luke, you rock my socks off. I watch all Harbour and All Blacks games. Congratulations to you and the team for winning the Ranfurly Shield. Big ups to you guys! I saw you at the celebration in Takapuna with your wife and daughter and you guys look so gorgeous together. Good luck for the rest…

Love Luke McAlister

Story by Anecita Smit , New Zealand

He is a hot guy, that makes New Zealand proud and he is compassionate which is making him the best player this year! Even though he can be strong and powerful in the game against other countries and all over New Zealand. That is why Luke is the best All Blacks rugby player this year…

I think he is a great role model

Story by jasmine mantafay , New Zealand

Well where to begin. He has a great personality and he is genorous and caring. He is so lovable. Luke cares a lot about his future and I think that he is going to do really really well in the near future. He has a gorgeous wife and an absolute cutie of a daughter. He…

He is my idol

Story by Kelvin Smith , New Zealand

He is my idol. Yeah, in my eyes Luke is the best player ever. Well he is the best first five. Play hard Luke and get that number 10 jersey back. Well anyways I look like I try to play like but my number dream is to meet you. Peace out Luke McAlister and have…

My god he is so cool

Story by jasmine mantafay , New Zealand

I think that Luke is a great rugby player. He has unlimited talent and my god he is so cool. I have seen him a couple of times, and I know he’s married, but that makes him even more sexier and makes women want him more. Sorry, but I just had to say it -…

I wish I can have him

Story by mary o'shea , New Zealand

I think Luke McAlister is so damn hot. Also a good player, loves to win his games, he’s also intelligent, great body and he’s also sexy on the field. Love watching him play footy. I wish I can have him.

Love his gorgeous smile

Story by Joella Tahi , New Zealand

I love Luke McAlister sooo much. He’s not just a good rugby player hes a very hot one too. Love his gorgeous smile and his huge thighs – oh my god they are heaven! Keep it up my baby!

He is the hottest!

Story by Benjamin Phillips , New Zealand

He is the hottest rugby player ever. He is really good at kicking and his tackle is hard! Luke has so much talent. His looks are so fine that anyone could want him. He is the hottest!

The whole package

Story by Velena , Australia

I just love watching rugby, especially if Luke McAlister is playing. It’s a shame when they take him off the field, cause the game just seems so boring after that. He’s a very talented player. So if Luke not on, neither is the T.V. Go Luke you ROCK!

No one could ever go past a smile of his

Story by Alex , New Zealand

Luke McAlister is the best rugby player ever! He can break the line, tackle hard and his kicking is awesome. He has so much talent and potential and his looks are so fine – He is the hottest rugby player. No one could ever go past a smile of his. Love ya, Lukey! You rock….

I am so proud to watch him play

Story by Beks Manning , New Zealand

Luke is definitely one of the most talented (and good looking) youngsters in New Zealand rugby. He’s an awesome kicker and, yeah, he has *mint* thighs! I am so proud to watch him play and do well for our country. I wish him all the best for his career and also with his young family….

He first caught my attention the '04 NPC

Story by Dina , New Zealand

I love Luke McAlister!He is such an awesome rugby player, he first caught my attention the ’04 NPC because of his awesome goalkicking and side stepping. Not to mention that he is really hot as well. But he isn’t my favourite player just because of his looks, but because of his awesome talent! I am…

His face just lit up

Story by Sophie Tamati , New Zealand

Whoa Luke McAlister, I just love him! 1. Because he’s hot! 2. Because he has such an amazing talent! 3. He’s from Te Atiawa!! That’s my tribe. I really hope tht Luke is in the next All Black tour. I member meeting Luke at the rugby and he was so nice he stopped and talked…

Those thighs, heaven help me!

Story by fuckface , Nigeria

You are all right. Everyone of you Luke McAlister fans out there are right – Luke is such a hottie and those thighs, heaven help me, I almost faint when I see him. He is one of the reasons I watch rugby and it is such a pity that he ain’t in the Grand Slam…

I love the way he plays

Story by Tapui , New Zealand

I really think that Luke is hot because he has great talent and skills. I also love the way he plays and I also play First-Five or Second-Five. He is my fave rugby idol.

101% fit!

Story by Anna Naituku , United Kingdom

Bloody gorgeous work of art, one othe best things God ever made. 101% fit! Pity you’re not playing this saturday love, would have loved to see them thighs and fine ass again!

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