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Lotsov Foundation

Lotsov Foundation is an organization focused on creating awareness of crises experienced by countries around the world.

Determination, enthusiasm

Story by Jamie Oliver , United Kingdom

My biggest weapon in life is the determination, enthusiasm, hands-on and “actions speak louder than words” approach my father taught me. It is this same approach that I see and feel when I heard the plans of the Lotsov Foundation (to set up their business(es) like we did with our restaurant and foundation) and to…

A great idea

Story by Annemarie Jorritsma , Netherlands

I recently talked to Edgar about a gamecentre he wants to start here in Almere (Netherlands) together with some local kids. I think it is a great idea to help disadvantaged people and give them the opportunity to earn some money, have this great experience, this great responsibillity and maybe at the end have the…

What a passion

Story by Willem vd Sluis , Netherlands

A great initiative from a great guy! When talking to Edgar or one of his angels I feel love and loved! What a passion for doing good! I am glad we at cityhall in Rotterdam can contribute!

Does he never sleep?

Story by Ivo Opstelten , Netherlands

The Lotsov Foundation is a great organisation which helped (and still does) a lot of disadvantaged people in our city, the city of Rotterdam. I am glad to see that despite that they’re a foundation they run their organisation like a business, tight, on schedule, detailed and on the penny! (Countless calls I’ve received from…

It is his brainchild

Story by Karl Gustav , Sweden

What can I say about Lotsov Foundation? When I am talking about the Lotsov Foundation I’m talking abou Edgar Neo. It is his brainchild. It was and is a pleasure to meet people like you and the people within the Lotsov Foundation you surround yourself with! Thank you for that amazing conversation we had, and…

The impact it had on my life

Story by Pieter Beulens , Netherlands

I know Edgar for quite a while now. And I see what he is capable of. He founded the Lotsov Foundation so he and his network could help others to create an extraordinary life. He and the Foundation helped me out several times and wow! the impact it had on my life! I’ve met people…

Lotsov Foundation

Story by Richard Branson , United Kingdom

Recently I’ve had a little chat with Edgar Neo. And we’ve talked about charity marketing, how we as Virgin could harnass the power and energy of our mark, staff and experience to help others. I’ve had a look at his suggestions and how he has managed to incoporate them into the Lotsov Foundation he founded….

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