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Can't wait to have a party

Story by Rowan Fairgrove , United States

I was recently travelling to Spain and a friend gave me “World Food: Spain” from Lonely Planet which was the coolest guidebook I’ve ever used. I used it to find the cuisine of Spain and now that I’m home I can’t wait to have a party where I try some of the Spanish recipes it…

Helpful to explore

Story by Phyllis Skoglund , United States

This site could be used to find travel companions. I know someone who wanted a travel companion for a road trip through Mexico, Central America and South America. Personally I just explore FLORIDA; that’s my “Lovemark”.

A friend who's already there

Story by Margarita Maldonado , United States

Whenever I travel abroad I always make sure I’ve got a copy of the Lonely Planet guidebook for the country. Each time I’ve gone somewhere the insights have proven invaluable. As a lone female traveler, my Lonely Planet’s have been like having a friend already there when I arrive. And when I want to connect…

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