Lindt is a brand of chocolate and confectionery. The company is famous for their truffle balls, known as Lindor, their chocolate blocks and Easter and Christmas specialities.

Passion, excellence and legendary expertise

Story by Carolina , Canada

I dream of chocolate, of Lindt chocolate! A brand characteristic of passion, excellence and legendary expertise in chocolate making. As I indulge myself with a perfect and exquisite bite-size piece of any Lindt, I melt along with the chocolate. A Lindt chocolate is an entire experience on its own! It is chocolate PERFECTION!

Had to travel to Switzerland

Story by Janice , Canada

Lindt is the BEST chocolate I have ever had. I am always completely satisfied and I always have a wonderful and sensual experience. Everytime I open a box, I cannot put Lindt Chocolate down. I eat them everyday until it is finished. When I was in Europe this past year, I HAD to travel to…

Just to make sure that I never run out

Story by Leslie Smith , United States

I love the gold bar Dark Chocolate Lindt Bar so much that I spend $100 at a time just to make sure that I never run out of it! I have tried so many other dark chocolates and Lindt is the only chocolate that satisfies my inner being.

An exotic destination

Story by K Wiggins , Canada

In a country where the average piece of chocolate is like running your tongue over a corderoy road, Lindt chocolate is like an exotic vacation destination. The beautifully rich appearance of the packaging makes me feel like I should wait for a special occasion to indulge. The smooth texture and flavours make me feel like…


Story by BJ Pike , New Zealand

The individually wrapped Lindt chocolate balls are slightly too large to be subtle in your mouth. Put one in whole though, and experience it melting through the firmer outer layer of chocolate to the cooler, chocolate-butter enriched centre. It the next best thing to sex – chocolate lovers ecstasy.

Worthy of anyone's love

Story by Tom Bodor , United States

The best chocolate ever… Lindt makes 70% cocca chocolate that is so delicious that it is worthy of anyone’s love – including mine. They also make incredible truffles.

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