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Levi's jeans

Levi's are a brand of riveted denim jeans manufactured by Levi Strauss & Co.

Originally Classic

Story by Brandiargo

Levi’s literally so comfortable that they bond to you’re body. They’re kind of like a companion that you have to have when you start out on a journey, and you can’t help but look cool in a pair of 501xx. They are the classic, the original, and are so freaking cool. 

My jean woes are over

Story by Renata Pratiwi , Indonesia

Levi’s jeans has become my go to store for almost everything. In the past few months, I’ve bought leggings, jeans, t-shirts, and accessories here. I love how quickly their selection keeps changing – no matter how often you shop, it always feels like there’s new stuff. Thank you so much Levi’s jeans for help me…

Levis give me confidence

Story by Mickey Fabiano , Indonesia

I always wear jeans wherever I go. I really like wearing Levi’s jeans because I think they are comfortable to wear for a very long time. I feel more confident if I wear Levi’s jeans.

Reasonably price and durable

I have loved Levi’s since I was in Junior High. I like Levi’s products such as their eye glasses, jackets and jeans. In terms of jeans, I am loyal to the brand because it’s very convenient to wear, at a reasonable price, has many styles and durable.

Simple 5 - 0 - 1

Story by Ignacio Guitart , Spain

Simple, 5 – 0 – 1, no need to mention the brand, a class of its own. Worn them for more than 25 years, puchased in white, vanilla, black….the perfect fit although the most important thing is the messages that are sent, from flower power summer of love in ’67 to the hey-ho-lets-go bunch in…

Sticking with what matters most

Story by Anonymous

Levi’s is a symbol of a world gone by but a world that still strongly resonates with the few that value Tradition, Attitude and Rebellion. The Levi’s brand is a specific style for a specific man – Strong, Confident and with a sense of style. In a contemporary world of backyard grown “organics”, “green” movements,…

The most wearable piece of outer clothing

Story by Fred Hernandez , United States

Why Levi’s? Why not?!? When I need comfort and casual…Levi’s. When I need stylish and dressed up…Levi’s. When I don’t know what to wear…Levi’s. When I do know what to wear…Levi’s. When I need something rugged to work in…Levi’s. And when I need something to play in…Levi’s. In my opinion, absolutely the most wearable piece…

Ever my Levi's.

Story by Paul Cunning , United Kingdom

Not Levi’s TM/inc, but jacket, as in: Hang on, while I get me Levi’s. Patch, fade, pocket, bronze, winter/summer. Slips on like your outdoor skin. Never a denim jacket, ever my Levi’s.

Heels or sneakers

Story by Jo Watkins , United States

Is there another jean besides Levis? I don’t think so. My 501s go everywhere with me. Add some sparkly heels and they can go out for a night on the town. Or old sneakers and they are ready for a day of gardening.

Canvas in blue

Story by Reine Bullard , United States

Levi’s Jeans have been the single most important article of clothing I have ever owned. The trends come and go but my Levi’s Jeans have stood the test of time. These dexterous threads have become a reflection of my life, softly worn, beautifully faded, well traveled, and a work of art in constant progress. My…

Fit like a glove

Story by Alan Krebs , United States

For someone who is hard on clothes, and largely immune to fads, Levi Strauss and Company used to make the longest-wearing, most comfortable jeans around. Long Wearing – sure, you had to break them in for a month or more (or you could stuff yourself into them and sit down in a tub of cold…

Old and faded

Story by Elizabeth cahill , United States

Levi’s are as old and faded as my 501s I bought when I was 12. Nothing new and they don’t know how to make jeans for women!

Jeans that make a statement

Story by Andrew M , Australia

Levi Jeans. What would you rather have clinging to you below the waistline? They are the jeans that make a statement, ooze sex, attitude and position themselves at the top of the denim heap. The icon with the horses trying to tear them apart is great – even if it is not true. A true…

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