Lee Jeans

Lee is a US brand of denim jeans founded in 1889.

Casual Friday

Story by helgahelga , Indonesia

I work professionally as a communication consultant, where jeans are only allowed on Friday. I always say “Thank God for Friday!” because I get to wear my Lee Jeans!

... as long as they keep making them!

Story by Jane , United States

Lee Jeans has a line called One True Fit that is amazing! They’re perfectly designed to flatter an adult woman’s curves. I’ll keep buying them as long as they keep making them!

My sweet girl Madavi

Story by Prasad Perera , Sri Lanka

I like Lee Jeans, according to me this is the world’s best denim brand. I wonder who founded it? Anyway, in Sri Lanka it’s very expensive. But I wear it when I’m going clubbing or going out with my sweet girl Madavi.

Leader in Australian youth fashion

Story by tyr , Afghanistan

This brand around the world, and in particular in the USA, has been at the bottom end of the fashion scale. Lee in Australia – through their creative and communication strategy – have re-positioned the brand to be a market leader in youth fashion in the country. Check it out, I guarantee it will be…

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