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Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue is an Australian pop singer, songwriter and actress.

Inspiration and a fighter

Story by Leanne Marinus , South Africa

Kylie is an inspiration and a fighter! She has beaten cancer and I just think she’s awesome. I think Kylie has a great voice. It might not be as powerful as Celine Dion or something but Kylie’s her own person and has her own style Love you Kylie, please come to South Africa!!

Everything her rivals are not...

Story by Nathaniel Angeles , Philippines

Kylie definitely leaves a mark. She found herself, and shared herself with all of us. She became the embodiment of everything that was in between and not her female rivals. Now that’s definitely a brand.

More behind Kylie

Story by Jorge Garcia , Switzerland

Kylie’s Light Years and Fever show – the perfect re-launch for a brand. But there is more behind Kylie, it is the person. She is hot, sexy and charismatic… and she is just 1.57m tall!

Sexy but not pretty

Story by Kendrick Lim , Malaysia

Kylie, such a well-known name. Everybody seems crazy for her (especially her butt), but I do not think that she is worth that. She’s just a simple woman who is sexy but not pretty. All her beauty will fade within years and I do not think that she sings well. If she can become a…

Unforgettable impressions...

Story by Stefanie Wildner , Germany

Ooooooh yes! Kylie is the most beautiful, stylish and sexiest woman on this earth! Unforgettable impressions from the lucky girl right through the 80’s until today with her fever-body talk. She’s a real Lovemark – forever.

I just want to go shopping with you...

Story by Bryan , Australia

From annoying Neighbours tomboy to international high-priestess of sex-pop. Kylie, we salute you. Like all true Pop Icons, you need only one name – an exhalation of adoration – Kylie. Boys want to be with you, girls want to be you. But since seeing you at the Mardi Gras, I just want to go shopping…

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