Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is a brand of instant macaroni and cheese meal available in North America. It was introduced in the United States and Canada in 1937.

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I won't waste the great cheese

Story by Gadisyah Rahayu , Indonesia

This is my savior in the middle of the night. Beside being very delicious, it’s also very easy to serve. The rich cheese and soft macaroni tastes very good. I won’t waste the great cheese in my bowl. This is the best product!

I grew up on Kraft Mac & Cheese.

Story by Joslyn Teubner , United States

I grew up on Kraft Mac & Cheese Deluxe (the kind with the squeezey cheese) and then in college re-discovered regular Kraft Mac & Chesse (the milk & butter have to be added). Both are a reliable source of comfort and nostalgia in a very tasty meal. I refuse to try fussy, organic mac and…

Spans all

Story by Kathleen Houlahan , United States

Love it, love it, love it! Tastes delicious, and is the ultimate comfort food. It spans all generations and times of your life with its warm, cheesy taste. Just the best!

You know the feeling

Story by Penni , United States

You know the feeling when you bite into some mac and cheese, and something’s just not right? The taste is just a little off? That’s when you know you haven’t got Kraft. Kraft is consistently the best. There is no competition.

You just have to LOVE it

Story by Margaret Wrona , United States

LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! You just have to LOVE Mac & Cheese…it makes you feel like a little kid all over again! The best comfort food in the world (add a couple squirts of Heinz ketchup and you’re on your way!).

One Sure Thing

Story by RJ , United States

Through sadness and sorrow, through the toughest days of my life, this is One Sure Thing in a world of uncertainty. Bringing comfort to the College Student, the Working Mom, the Starving Artist…and Me. Together through the darkness, we seek the warmth and light of its unearthly orange glow.

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