Koko Krunch

Koko Krunch is a brand of chocolate flavoured cereal produced by Nestle and available in South East Asia.

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Delicious breakfast

Story by Rully Febrina , Indonesia

My favourite snack and breakfast is Koko Krunch. It’s available in any convenient store, is really easy and quick to make and it tastes delicious every time. Nothing can go wrong with Koko Krunch. I also enjoy snacking on Koko Krunch without pouring milk over it. Like that the breakfast food becomes a crunchy, tasty snack. 

Not only breakfast

Story by Jessica Priscilla , Indonesia

Koko krunch is not only my favorite breakfast but the first food on my mind when I feel hungry in the night. Taste so so good. The father of chocolate!

Childhood Treat

Story by bella tamara , Indonesia

This has been my favourite cereal since I was a child. I will never be bored of eating Koko Krunch. It is the most delicious cereal ever!  

Never Miss a Day

Story by bella tamara , Indonesia

I’ve liked Koko Krunch since I was a child. I always eat Koko Krunch in the morning before I start my day. I never miss a day without Koko Krunch!   

No Other but Koko Krunch

Story by Gabriella Tera

I have eaten Koko Krunch since I was in elementary school. Sometimes I have it with milk but other times I just have the cereal on its own. I don’t buy any cereal but Koko Krunch because for me, there is no other cereal that tastes as good.   

Nothing Beats It

Story by Jessica Priscilla , Indonesia

Koko Krunch is not just  my favourite breakfast, but also my first thought when I feel hungry. A bowl of milk and Koko Krunch is not enough for me, I could have more than two! There is no cereal as good as Koko Krunch! 

My Favorite

Story by angelakrstina

I have eaten Koko Krunch cereal since I was a child, and I still love this cereal until now. The taste of chocolate is so tasty and crunchy. It makes me want to eat it again and again. I like to eat Koko Krunch itself or blend it with milk. And everytime I want to…

Best Accident Ever

Story by sekar fauzia , Indonesia

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a love for Koko Krunch. of course, Koko Krunch was created acidentally when extra cocoa was addedl, as seen in the TV ads. Every bite is crunchy and totally worth it.I ate them for breakfast, as well as during morning and afternoon tea, with or without milk,…

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