KitchenAid is a brand of kitchen products. It is especially known for its stand mixer. The company was started in Troy, Ohio in 1919.

Kitchen helper

Story by Hana Mardiani Siti Sarah , Indonesia

I almost waited for 12 months to get my KITCHENAID STAND MIXER. I love it and couldn’t imagine to ever bake without it. Thanks to KitchenAid I can prepare sweet desserts with a great texture and taste. 

My Dream

Story by Nike , Indonesia

I decided to get myself an early birthday present: The Legendary Artisan Mixer! I love it more than anything. I’ve dreamed about this mixer since the first time I saw someone use it in a home cooking video. It’s finally in my hands! Time for baking my oatmeal cookies!

It will be mine!

Story by Laura Saia , United States

I have lusted after a KitchenAid mixer for as long as I can remember. As soon as I can save up the money, it will be mine!

It represents a multitude of feelings

Story by Sarah Brakke , United States

I started with the red Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I loved it so much (mostly its appearance and its association with my childhood, as well as the fact that to me it represents a multitude of feelings and word associations that represent what I want to be) that I have purchased almost all the culinary…

A family heirloom.

Story by Cindy Farr-Weinfeld , United States

I LOVE kitchenaid mixers! The one that has been in my family for 30 years recently died. It’s the only thing I was able to use to knead the bread I bake weekly, and the machine my Grandfather used for 20 years to bake his bread each week. It’s very important to me to have…

A lifetime commitment

Story by Shirlee Posner , Taiwan, Province of China

It’s a beautiful design that I need to see in my kitchen. It inspires me to bake for my children like my mother did for me and my sisters and it keeps my life real. It works like a dream and it fulfills all my needs for creating cakes which then become a canvas for…

Feel like baking every day!

Story by Linda Oliver , United States

KitchenAid is simply the top of the line with holiday baking season around the corner! I actually look forward to signing up for cookie exchanges and bake sales for our church. With my KitchenAid I feel like baking every day!

Inspiring me

Story by Shilo Miller , United States

The old fashioned look of it. Knowing that my mother and grandmother used one. It’s inspiring me to bake. It screams you can make something beautiful for your family and ‘I will be proud of my accomplishment’.

Plus the lemon yellow

Story by Lindsay , United States

How do I love my KitchenAid mixer, let me count the ways -homemade whipped cream, pie and tart crusts, cookies in a flash, THE SAUSAGE ATTACHMENT…plus the lemon yellow matches my kitchen.

Married to my Mixer

Story by Karen Hochberg , United States

My Kitchen Aid mixer is the best gift I have ever received. I got it as a wedding gift and it has lasted longer than the marriage. Thank heaven I got custody of the mixer. I love to bake. My Kitchen Aide mixer is my partner in good baking.

Like a racecar

Story by Cynthia Conley , United States

Having a KitchenAid stand mixer makes me feel like a professional chef. Baking bread and making pizza dough have become routine everyday tasks, almost as easy as making Jello. Its powerful motor hums along like a racecar, making easy work of the most difficult tasks. The optional attachments do so many jobs that this is…

A no-brainer

Story by J. Heath , United States

I hooked my fiance (the pastry chef) because of Kitchenaid. He was so impressed by the fact that I had the good sense to buy this quality, robust machine for my own cooking and baking – that he has now taken over my kitchen and has been whipping up delights for me ever since! For…

Wedding gift

Story by Celeste Lindell , United States

Until I received a KitchenAid stand mixer as a wedding gift, I’d never even thought about buying one. Now, I don’t know how I’d live without one! There’s nothing better for mixing bread dough, making meringue or whipping up cheese dip. The only thing I’d change about mine is the color. White is just sooo…

Yes please!

Story by Annabel Davidson , New Zealand

Wow. A ton-heavy, pale pistachio-green, gleamingly retro mixer with oversized dials plonked right in the middle of my tiny kitchen? Yes please! I don’t even bake, but oh-god-I-would. This is as sweet and old-fashioned as it gets, only the modern miss could whip up a kick-ass whiskey-soaked sponge cake with one hand whilst closing deals…

A true design classic

Story by David Sayce , United Kingdom

The KitchenAid ARTISAN™ series stand mixer is solid, hard wearing, reliable. A true design classic from the 20th Century, designed by Egmont Arens. Sit it in in your kitchen next to the Dualit toaster!

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