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Kinder Surprise

Kinder Surprise is a chocolate bar from Ferrero. The hazelnut cream filled waffle with a chocolate covering was first released in Italy in 1990.

Chocolate and toy!

Kinder kindle my children Vaidehi & Dasharath. When they open Kinder Surprise – it arouses doubled excitement on their faces – chocolate and toy! Their little fingers put all the parts together while they had the egg shape chocolate. Surprise! Fun! Sweet! Happy children! What more a dad like me can ask for? Kids and Kinder-fun…

I get two things I love whenever I buy one

Story by Thuraisamy Sivanu , Canada

I love Kinder Surprises, even to this day, although it’s becoming an expensive love. I’ve had my first one in France, at the age of around 4. I get two things I love whenever I buy one: chocolate, and a puzzle. I can’t believe no ones nominated this before!

A combination I cannot resist

Story by Loukia Goni , Greece

A combination I cannot resist… A taste that fires my senses and a toy that fires my imagination… Kinder Chocolate Eggs make the child or adult in me feel sooo good that nothing more is to be said about it… Except one: enjoy it!

Creative thinking

Story by Lisa Kelsey , United States

The toys that come in these chocolate eggs are truly AMAZING! I just the other day brought one home for my six year-old son. The toys are such good quality and whoever designs them is an engineering genius. It’s nice to see someone put that much creative thinking into a little “prize inside” toy.


Story by Robyn Hodgkin , Switzerland

I was a bit torn how to vote for Kinder Surprise, you see, I don’t actually like the chocolate in Kinder Surprises. But they ARE an unmistakable brand, and sometimes they do have the coooolest toys. The best ones are the ones that you have to assemble… you look at the results absolutely stunned that…

Love the concept

Story by Tala Kawar , Jordan

I simply love the concept of a surprise in a chocolate egg. I loved it when my mom got it for us and till this day I get the same feeling when I open one. The taste is great and the challenge of putting all the pieces together is so much fun!

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