Kiehl's is a brand of skin and hair products. The company was founded in New York’s East Village in 1851 and continues to be a long-standing New York institution.

Soothing protection

Story by marselastefanie , Indonesia

Kiehl’s has changed my world. I never used any lip balm before that, but since using Kiehl’s I never want to be without it. It is the best lip balm and the one with Mango flavor tastes amazing. It protects and soothes my usually dry lips.

Functional but luxurious

Story by Eleanor Conroy , United Kingdom

Everything about Kiehls is amazing and beguiling. The packaging looks quaint and old-fashioned like it should be in an apothecary from the early 19th century but somehow it’s completely contemporary and cool at the same time. And the products all feel functional but luxurious at the same time. Creme de corps is the best most…

The products work and they're just great

Story by Eva Vita , United States

There are so many things that are amazing about this company: the great customer service from really knowledgable staff, the free samples (some big enough to go on hols with) and their community-based retail philosophy. They give back (check out www.clickforgreenland.com – their latest venture – raising funds for the NRDC and awareness about climate…

Lip gloss addict

Story by Adrienne Scordato , United States

Two years ago, I was a bridesmaid in my friend Deb’s wedding. The wedding was in Puerto Rico at the Westin Rio Mar and upon arrival, Deb gave each of us a basket filled with Kiehls products. I had never tried them until then. One of the products included was Kiehls’ lip balm. I became…

True to original principles

Story by Barry Derbyshire , Australia

Kiehl’s shower products were the first non-brand producer of quality body care products, since imitated by hundreds, still the best and true to original principles. Simple, pure and effective. They make me squeaky clean, soft skinned and sweet smelling every morning.

No nonsense claims

Story by Andrew Whitehead , United Kingdom

Kiehl’s is the unsung hero of men’s skin care products. Simple packaging with straight forward descriptions and no nonsense claims of being a “fountain of youth.” For me, instrinically linked with REMO general store, as I simply couldn’t live without it.

Pure in quality and in motivation

Story by Joseph Hahn , United States

Amazing personal care products, pure in quality and in motivation, almost no marketing to speak of, and an exclusive cache that compels me to offer the products to my weekend house guests who inevitably comment on them. Visiting the original store in Manhattan was a Mecca experience.

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