Kerastase is a luxury haircare brand developed by L'Oreal. The company was established in France in 1964.

Kept promise

Story by Cynthia Sutanto , Indonesia

My hair used to be really dry and I didn’t feel good about myself. After using Kerastase my hair is shinier than it has ever been and looks a lot healthier, too. I even think it has started to grow a lot faster. Now that I am getting so many compliments for my thick and shiny…

Good Marketing, Good Product

Story by marselastefanie , Indonesia

Kerastase have a good marketing strategy positioning themselves as an exclusive brand. They only sell their products in stores where consultants can help you buy the right thing for your hair. Since I used it, I have lost less hair and it looks thicker. It is really worth buying!  

I love this brand!

Story by Dewi Yuany , Indonesia

I used to have to change hair care product often to get the best hair care. Then my mom introduced me to Kerastase and boom! I love it. Kerastase never allows me to get a bad hair day. Now, I have pretty, smooth and healthy hair. Thank you for existing and saving my day!

Full of love

Story by roseti rosa , Indonesia

My boyfriend said that my hair is not only beautiful but always smells good. He likes my hair so much. Thank you Kerastase for a great product. Thank you Kerastase for making my life full of love.

In love with this shampoo

I have damaged hair. Dry and brittle hair. I tried all kinds of shampoos until I found Kerastase. I have never tried any other brands since. I have fallen in love with this shampoo and now I have healthy hair.

I use it religiously

Story by Bridget , United States

My Lovemark is most definitely Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique. I will not even consider putting a blow dryer to my head without first putting this product through my hair. I use it religiously, and have no interest in trying any other product. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! My hair and skin are both…

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