Beauty from India

Story by MichelleS , Indonesia

I tell you a secret! Her eyes will make you smile and you will see what beauty from India is like! That’s what you’ll feel like in every one of her movies.

Kajol is really back

Story by Satia Nisha , Bangladesh

Kajol is really really back in Fanaa, as she is the Queen of the actresses. Hey Kajol, seeing you in Fanaa I’m just going to be mad as the film-song “tere pyaar main ho ja-uu fanaaaaaaaa”. I wish to have a daughter of mine just as sweet, just as talented, extraordinary, friendly, smiling, with amazing lovely eyes just like Kajol. Unlimited love from my…

She has something xtraordinary

Story by Satia Nisha , Bangladesh

Kajol is my most favourite actress. She has something xtraordinary…something very special. I can’t tell you what it is but it makes her exceptional to me and also to everyone!!! I love her smiley eyes most – her smile-oh! What would I say – it makes me totally mad.

Very natural and talented

Story by farah , Malaysia

She’s a very natural, talented actress. Her expressive eyes, her body language are all superb. She’s beautiful and looks even prettier when she shares the same frame with the great actor, Shah Rukh khan. All their movies are a success. I love them as a pair. Oh come on, all the directors in India please…

She is truly a gem

Story by Maryum Iqbal , United Kingdom

She is truly a gem. She is the most natural actress and she remains it. Other actresses wish they had the same rapport that she has with Shahrukh, Johar and Chopra, she started it. She made a hell of a comeback in Fanaa, it makes me proud to be a Kajol fan! Go Kajol, keep…

Nice, beautiful and sexy

Story by gloria lener , Austria

Hello Bollywood fans! I love Kajol because she is so nice, beautiful and sexy. She is one of the best actresses in Bollywood. She and Shahrukh are the Dream Team from Bollywood. They are the best! I hope that Kajol will make other good films with Shahrukh. I think Bollywood is all that we wish…

My Number 1 actress

Story by chaimaa , Morocco

Kajol is my Number 1 actress. No actress can beat her. She is a living legend. When you say Kajol, you immediately think about emotions. Kajol is very natural in her acting and very talented. She can do all the roles very easily. Also, I like her looks. She is so gorgeous with those beautiful…

The best actress in Bollywood

Story by layla , France

Kajol is the best actress I have ever seen in Bollywood. She is the actress that made me love Indian films and watch them. She is very talented, she acted in different roles and played them perfectly; including drama, tragic, comedy, romance, negative roles, double roles…. she is simply a living legend in Bollywood. Despite…

She'll remain a living legend of this generation!

Story by Tanisha Saiyidah izzati , Malaysia

How could I describe Kajol in words? She is just superb, amazing and gorgeous, whether as an actress, mother and a woman! I love her so much that I feel all her performances were, are and will be the best forever and ever. She’s not fake like some actresses and what’s best about her is…

Beautiful from the inside

Story by shehnaaz khan , India

I have always been a huge fan of Kajol. I feel she is immensely talented and I also appreciate her looks as she doesn’t believe in changing her original looks to be attractive. She is beautiful from the inside.

The most beautiful and the best actress

Story by Zakia Ba , Morocco

I think that she’s the most beautiful and the best actress in our lovely India – especialy when she plays movies with Shah Rukh Khan. I wish we’ll see them together soon in a new movie. Best of luck.

More amazing films in the future for us

Story by hanane , France

Oh my god! How can I express my feelings towards this woman or this legend! She’s the most outstanding actress I have ever ever seen in my life. When I watched some of her films, I was like in a completely different world. The acting was so amazing. So I hope Kajol will be able…

Vibrant personality

Story by Eyiram Quartey , Ghana

I adore Kajol. Her vibrant personality is so obvious. And she does not make it seem that she is too good..I can see both her good and bad side. That is why I love her so much. And she is the most talented actress I have come across. Kajol is spectacular!

So proud to be one of your fans

Story by rasi , Morocco

Kajol is a linving legend. She is the best actress all over the world. She can do all roles with great talent. No one can beat her. She is the queen and will remain so. Kajol creates great chemistry with all her co-stars. I love you, Kajol, so much and I’m so proud to be…

East or West

Story by Saida , France

Kajol is the greatest of all the actresses. She is so natural in her acting and very talented. She did a great job in all her films. What can I say about her, I love her so much and I’m so proud to be her fan. East or West, Kajol is the best.

We want to see more of you

Story by lala , Morocco

Kajol is the best. I love her to death. Really, I feel so happy when I see her on screen after five years. 5 years is so long for us, her crazy fans. But what can we do? Just wait for her until the end. Kajol is very gorgeous. I love all her features. She…

We love her for it

Story by Nay Htun , United Kingdom

Both me and my wife don’t come from Hindi background but having seen a few Hindi films which Kajol stars has made us realise how great actress she is. Her role in Kuch Kuch Hotai..film resemble similarly to our own story and we love her for it. In fact we will get more of her…

Kajol is a great actress

Story by Sara , Morocco

There is no doubt that Kajol is a great actress, in fact she is the best. really i’m mad about her. I’m so excited about her new film and I can’t wait to see her on the big screen soon. Kajol rocked, rocks and will rock Bollywood. She is my all time favourite actress. Go…

I'll pay any amount just to watch her live

Story by abu hussain , Sri Lanka

I really don’t know what to say because there isn’t anything to say about Kajol. Everyone knows she is the best and I really, really love her. I’ll pay any amount just to watch her live. Can’t wait for the movie. Rani, I love you.

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