Jo Malone

Jo Malone is a producer of fragrances, skin care and other scented products.

One word describes this place – Heavenly

Story by Isobel Kerr-Newell , New Zealand

I visited the Jo Malone store in Chancery, Auckland recently. One word describes this place – Heavenly. I was taken on a sensory journey through the Jo Malone range of fragrances, each seeming more beautiful than the last. I settled on French Lime Blossom and while I poured over the beautiful, sparkling displays, my precious…

Love at first smell

Story by Clio Zanon , Italy

Finalmente è arrivato in Italia. Non posso più farne a meno. Amore a primo naso. (Finally it has arrived in Italy. I cannot do without it. Love at first smell.)

Jo Malone's brand remains deeply intimate

Story by Barbara , United Kingdom

Despite her success Jo Malone’s brand remains deeply intimate, true to its beginnings. From mixing unique face creams specifically for each of her clients in her flat 20 years ago to now, running an internationally successful business. Jo has continually invested her personal touch. When I read her advice and use her products I feel…

Love for all things Jo Malone

Story by Rowena Westhead , United Kingdom

My love for all things Jo Malone has now been passed onto my mum and sister, so for every birthday or Christmas there’s bound to be a sleek cream Jo Malone bag to be found somewhere. After using her perfumes I can honestly say all other brands of perfume smell synthetic and unnatural. The scents…

Wanting to know more

Story by Alexia Pinchbeck , United Kingdom

Inspiration: I am inspired, emboldened and empowered by my Jo Malone scent. Impact: the power of simplicity – clean, crisp, fresh fragrances and packaging. Intrigue: always leaves people wanting to know more.

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