Jamiroquai is a Grammy Award-winning English acid jazz/funk/soul band.

Good music from the heart

Story by Andre Sagala , Indonesia

When it comes to Acid Jazz, I refer to Jamiroquai. They don’t try hard to play “great” or “brilliant” music. They just playing good music from the heart.

I just enjoy the music

Story by Noni Jaya , Indonesia

You just belong to your world when you’ve heard it! I don’t completely know what they play, but I just enjoy the music so much.

They blow my mind

Story by Fadlyaj , Indonesia

Jamiroquai is one of the most original bands I’ve heard so far. Funk music with a touch of disco sounds is very, very, really cool. ‘Runaway’ and ‘Cosmic Girl’ are two songs that make me crazy for Jamiroquai. They blow my mind.

Those guys changed my life!

Story by Edgar Alfonso , Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of

The Buffalo man is the little representation of the old-school Jamiroquai: Stuart Zender, Toby Smith, Jay Kay, Derrick McKenzie, Simon Katz, Sola Akingbola, Darren Galea and Wallis Buchanan! When they used to have the biggest vibes, grooves, jams and the most special thing: Inspiration! I can say, those guys changed my life!

It's about walking to the beat of your own drum

Story by Purple Jamifan , United States

I love the buffaloman because it reminds me of where I’ve been and of who I am. Years may go by, but the vibe is still the same inside and out. It’s a sense of identity, of understanding something greater inside. It is about good times, but its also about finding a space and time…

Part of my entire life

Story by Guadalupe G , Mexico

The first Jamiroquai’ song that I listened to was ‘Cosmic Girl’ and back then, I was 13 years old. I’d just became a teen and though I felt “from another galaxy”, the tunes simpy “sent me into hyperspace”! Ever since then, Jamiroquai music has been part of my entire life! I really don’t know how…

The symbol means one thing - good times

Story by David Rowe , United Kingdom

The “buffalo man” – the image that represents the UK Acid-Jazz/Funk/Pop band Jamiroquai – is an image which Jay Kay, lead singer of the band sketched one day of himself in silhouette has appeared on all tracks somewhere on either its packaging or actual disc. To the many millions of Jamiroquai fans around the world…

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