International Association of Administrative Professionals

The International Association of Administrative Professionals sets standards and provides educational and networking development opportunities for those in the office administration field.

From sitting in the last row...

Story by Minelia Gomez , Belize

Joining IAAP in 1992 was the best decision I made in my profession. IAAP is about turning jobs into careers. It has particularly helped me to attain my CPS rating and to get out of my comfort zone – from sitting in the last row (behind a tall person), to sitting in front chairing meetings,…

Or when I just need someone to talk with

Story by Sharon , United States

Joining IAAP has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The rewards have been great. I have been fortunate enough to attend division and international conferences over the last few years where I was able to take advantage of many educational opportunities and also network with admins from around the world. Many friendships…

Proud of my chosen career

Story by Donna , United States

My employer sees the value of my membership in IAAP and pays my annual dues for me but I would be a member even if I had to pay for it myself. Since becoming a member of IAAP I have gained so much self confidence. I am proud of my chosen career as an Administrative…

VERY supportive

Story by Lisa , United States

Ditto on all that’s said above and below :) IAAP is a VERY supportive organization, with a lot of help in certifying, getting more education, and assisting in leadership. IAAP keeps on top of current trends (OfficePRO publication), and keeps members up-do-date. Thanks IAAP!

Encouragers and friends

Story by Shirley fuller CPS/CAP , United States

IAAP is the premier organization for admins who want to stay current with organizational and training skills. After obtaining both the CPS and CAP certifications, I decided to go back to school and finish my degree. Members of IAAP are encouragers and friends – this well-kept secret needs to be shared with admins worldwide.

Environment of growing, nurturing and supporting

Story by Marcie Hawkins CPS/CAP , United States

I firmly believe in the mission of the organization and have thrived in the environment of growing, nurturing, and supporting I found here. IAAP is one of the best things to ever happen to me, and I have made a goal of telling the world that I wouldn’t be where I am or who I…

The skills that get you ahead

Story by Chrissy Blackwell , United States

Where else can you meet the most remarkable people and gain the skills that get you ahead in your career? IAAP of course! After joining this association three years ago, I have made friendships that will last a lifetime!

The "world's best kept secret"

Story by Pat Pollmann , United States

IAAP is the BEST organization for any admin who wants to develop personal and professional skills that will take her/him anywhere. For so long we have been the “world’s best kept secret,” and now with the new wonderful value statement of “Turning Jobs Into Careers” we can proudly announce to the world that we are…

Choosing to become active

Story by Anonymous

Whether or not “we are what we eat,” we surely become like those with whom we associate. In any professional group, by choosing to become active in an association of professionals we respect, we choose success. I choose IAAP!

Opinions taken seriously

Story by Carol R , United States

IAAP turns Jobs into Careers. IAAP has given me the gift of leadership. I do not have a college degree. The hands-on training and support by becoming involved in my local IAAP chapter has given me courage and confidence in my current job. These leadership skills give me the opportunity to outshine my co-workers and…

Wonderful organization

Story by Ricardo , United States

IAAP is a wonderful organization that does a lot to support administrative professionals. Thanks — this site is great.

With the support

Story by Sheila Dotson , United States

I also love IAAP, their slogan “Turning Jobs Into Careers” is such a true statement. I have also obtained my CPS Certification and am working toward my CAP (Certified Administrative Professional” this November. With the support of my local IAAP Chapter and Headquarters behind me I continue to grow in my chosen profession.

Never "on my own"

Story by Teresa Cryer , United States

I LOVE this organization!! It has helped me to develop myself professionally into new levels. I’m constantly learning from my fellow professionals, in addition to the training that I’m taking in college. I am also a CPS (Certified Professional Secretary) holder and am “going for the Gold” to attain the CAP (Certified Administrative Professional) designation…

Intensely proud

Story by Mary Gayle , United States

My first job was as a secretary; I just wanted a job. But as I developed my skills and worked in different companies, I realized I enjoyed this work! I did a good job and was proud of it, but also felt that I was unusual because I enjoyed being a secretary, and then an…

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