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IndoMie is a brand of instant noodles manufactured by the Indofood company. It also produces Pop Mie, which is a variation in a cup.

Pride of My Country

Story by Rebekha Novela , Indonesia

i just can’t stop loving it! Indomie has the richest flavour among other instant noodles! Everyone overseas also loves Indomie like Indonesian does! I’m so proud of Indomie!

Indomie Seleraku

Story by Delisya Putri , Indonesia

As an Indonesian, I do think there’s no instant noodle as delicious as Indomie. Indomie is like my best friend, it has a specific taste and is different from any another noodles. Indomie goreng will always be my lovemarks! <3

Best Instant Noodle

I’m always happy when I’m eating Indomie Mie Goreng. It’s delicious. I have been eating this instant noodle from when I was around 7 years old. And it still tastes the same until today! Love it !

Indomie, Forever Friend

Story by Charissa Pratama , Indonesia

People say that a true friend will always be there for you when you need them. That’s how I feel about Indomie. Even though I can not cook and have a limited budget, Indomie always accompanies me with its delicious taste and affordable price. Kiss & Hug for you INDOMIE..!

No competition

Story by Dito Mds

IndoMie is one of the most amazing inventions ever, in my opinion. Nothing beats the uniqueness of its taste. Love it to the moon and back!

Masterpiece of My Country

Story by Florencia Yulike , Indonesia

I know I may not be a typical Nationalist person. But one thing I know, Indonesia has one of the best masterpieces called Indomie, you only need two thousand rupiah for get it and the taste is freakin awesome!!

A Taste of Home

Story by Gabriella Wongso , Indonesia

Indomie is one thing that gives me a sense of home; an Indonesian pride. Wherever I travel, that feeling of accidentally bumping into packs of Indomie on the racks of a grocery store is just priceless. It makes you think of home and the memories you shared with people closest to you while enjoying a…

Got The Perfection in Simple Taste

Story by Yolanda Wulandelvi , Indonesia

Indomie is always the best!! All their flavours are so great, but my favorite is Soto Ayam. It’s easy to mix with other food, like cheese, vegetables, eggs & sausage!! It will always be your favourite ‘partner, anytime and anywhere!! Indomie is LOVABLE <3

Always need Indomie

Story by Rina Mutia , Indonesia

When you’re away from home and miss it, and feel like you want to go back, cook a pack of indomie. Believe me, feeling nostalgic with your hometown will make you feel relieved.

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