Childhood Obsession

Story by Rhazaq Abraham. S , Indonesia

I absolutely love history, ever since I was in elementary school. It was my favourite subject. Then, my dad brought the Indiana Jones Trilogy (my favorite film is The Last Crusade). It’s pretty cool being Indy, travelling around the world, discovering lots of lost historical items!

The pure essence of adventure

Story by Erik Johnson , United States

The loveable machismo, the one-liners, the wry smile, inestimably cocky and inherently vulnerable at the same time, Indiana Jones is the pure essence of adventure. I smile to myself any time I think of scenes from the movies, and after just a brief exposure to, of all things, the Indiana Jones XBOX video game, my…

Guess who was the first in line?

Story by Gustavo Padilla , Mexico

Summer 1981. I was 10 years old. I was at my cousin’s house playing with the Star Wars action figures when my aunt and my other cousins invited us to a movie called by a strange name: Raiders of the Lost Ark. To go to that movie was a tough decision, because, you know, I…

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