In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger is a chain of fast food restaurants in Western United States. It was founded in 1948 by Harry and Esther Snyder in California.

Too much of a great thing...

Story by Bruce McDermott , United States

I grew up in La Puente, California, about 5 miles from In ‘n Out headquarters in Baldwin Park. I was weaned from McDonald’s onto INO Store #7. I’m a purist and am glad that the Snider family has kept this as a slow-growth treasure that is accessible to all but only in select locations. Too…

My friends and I would drive around for hours

Story by Peggy , United States

While the burgers at In-n-Out are indeed awesome, the T-shirts they sell also evoke some strong positive feelings. When I was in college in Arizona, wearing an In-n-Out Burger T-shirt was considered the height of fashion. I recall during trips to So’ Cal’ that my friends and I would drive around for hours until we…

Wish they would sell me a franchise

Story by Keith Burnett , United States

I live in Atlanta, about 1800 miles from the nearest In-N-Out. The minute the jet hits the tarmac at LAX, I’m outta there and headed for the nearerst In-N-Out for a Double-Double. This is the best burger in the land. Amen. I wish they would sell me a franchise – they won’t.

Takes my nerves an hour to calm down

Story by Chuck NLN , United States

The nearest In-N-Out is 10 minutes away from my home, driving at 80 MPH (not a good idea). I get a Double-Double (animal of course) with two orders of fries. One order to eat on the way home, the other order, in a cooler with the burger, locked in the trunk. The first time I…

It shows

Story by Matt Prielipp , United States

Aside from the outstanding food, the kids and other folks that work at each In-and-Out are paid more than the other fast food chains pay, and it shows. The staff at each location love working there, even though they make them wear a uniform that has not been changed since they opened in the 50’s….

The perfect order

Story by Todd Beatse , United States

In-and-Out is the all-time greatest burger joint! Owned by the Snyder Family, they adamantly will not franchise for fear of losing quality control. Expansion outside of So. Cal has been slow and methodical because they are particular about their suppliers and insist on the freshest vegetables and never frozen beef. The french fries were whole…

The old-fashioned way

Story by Lisa Kelsey , United States

In-and-Out proves that a fast food restaurant can be very successful doing things the old-fashioned way. Everything is freshly made on-site: they actual run potatoes through a cutter and separate leaves from heads of lettuce. Even the milk shakes are made with…ice cream! Also, I LOVE the bible verse wrappers! Quirky – and spiritual, too!

Quality grub inspires emotive loyalty

Story by Bradford Kelly , United States

The fresh, all-natural ingredients, mouth watering aromas, Social nostalgia, and swell service have served many a happy customer over the decades. But what really brings me in, time and time again, is the simplicity of the joint and the fun secret menu options that have become part of the lexicon of our suburban pop culture….

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