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Illy is a brand of coffee produced in Trieste, Italy. The company was formed in 1933 and produces coffee beans, pre-ground coffee and Easy Serving Espresso pods.

Enchanting aroma and bold flavor

Story by Chinadoll , United States

The first time I had Illy, it was my freshman year in design school. I think it was a very wet afternoon in Central St. Martin. Anyway, sitting with the girls, gossiping, trading pages from Vogue. More coffee. I have since been an avid Illy fan and by extension great espresso snob. Snob is a perfectly…

Illy is the King Of Coffees

Story by ALO , New Zealand

I remember when I was little and my mum would come home with freshly ground coffee from the shop. I loved to stick my nose into the bag and get a good smell. It smells like home, dark evenings, and something indescribably rich and good. But when I was given a sip of the black…

Not just a great cup of coffee, but an experience

Story by Alyssa Bishop , United States

Every coffee shop in New York that proudly displays the ‘illy’ sign promises to offer not just a great cup of coffee, but an experience. It’s a pride in coffee, in the flavor and the memories of a European excursion. It’s the recognition that you could take it to go, but it just wouldn’t be…

A sweet excuse to have pleasant conversations

Story by Pineapple Crush , China

Nothing beats a good strong cup of coffee to start my morning. China is more of a tea drinking society, but in the country where I’m from, almost everyone is into coffee. Whether meeting clients during weekdays or talking to girl friends over coffee during the weekend, it’s a sweet excuse to have pleasant conversations….

Creating bridges

Story by Rose Gonnella , United States

Illy encourages great ideas, great design, positive thinking and creating bridges: between art and design, between the domestic and the exotic, between plain and complex. Who would think coffee, coffee packaging, coffee makers, and coffee cups could make a positive change to better our culture, our society and promote the joy of art and intellectual…

Wafting across the Piazza Unita

Story by Jonny Rea , Italy

Over the last five years Illycaffè, a Trieste (EDGE of Europe) based, third generation and innovative coffee manufacturer has taken espresso coffee in a staid category to a shiny silver new icon. They can proudly claim ‘La Cultura del Caffè'; and in doing so can also claim an extremely healthy premium. It’s as if Andrea…

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