Howies is an environmentally conscious company that produces casual clothing and sportswear designed for bikers, skateboarders and snowboarders.

A company with a heart

Story by Deborah Mills , United Kingdom

This is a company with a heart. What other clothes company has pages on its website encouraging you to bake bread or make the perfect cup of tea? As you sit in your city office, stressing about meeting yet another deadline you won’t remember in six months time, take a moment to check out the…

A truly awesome brand

Story by Matt , United Kingdom

Howies is a truly awesome brand. I am fortunate enough to have met the guys that work there and they really do believe in what they say and do, they really are a small privately owned company and they really are based in a small warehouse in Cardigan, Wales. Oh, and their clothes are well…

We do not work weekends, we play

Story by Simon Watson , United Kingdom

Cool, simple clothes; well-made, a bit quirky, run by a bunch of people who seem to have their lives sorted. It can be summed up in their opening hours statement: “Open 9.30 am – 6 pm Monday to Friday. We do not work weekends, we play.” And with those words you know your work /…

An inspiring brand

Story by Kelly Cartwright , Bahrain

Yay!!!! I was desperate to see if someone had nominated Howies already. Thank god they have. An absolutely amazing, inspiring brand from people who really make you want to live your life better. They feel more like friends than people who are trying to sell you stuff. Go Howies, and best of luck in 2005!

Simply the best

Story by Matt Johnson , United Kingdom

Simply the best copy I have ever seen – awesome. A ten year over night success! They make you want to be part of their club to re-cycle, ride a bike, spend more time with the kids + they make clever t-shirts.

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