Most beautiful

Story by Matthias Eylers , United States

The ‘Perle’ of the north German region. Not only the second biggest but the most beautiful city in Germany. Truly international due to its harbor, truly idiosyncratic due to its people.

I was born here and will always return

Story by Samy , Germany

Hamburg, the gate to the world its called, and most of the time it is. This very special city is an international trading hub as well as one of the most creative places you can find. Its inspirational character is enormous. The freedom and independence which it has always portrayed remain until now. No wonder…

It smelled like the great, wide world.

Story by Ingrid Messner , Australia

It’s the city I always wanted to live in. As soon as I approached it on the freeway seeing the harbour, the big ships, the containers, the water, the bridges. It smelled like the great, wide world – open to everybody. Having lived there for 20 years, it never failed to provide further inspiration.

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