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Founded in 1756, Guinness produces dark, full-bodied beers known as stout and draught, that are synonymous with Ireland.

Foam Head

Story by Ruben Torres

Love at first sight. I Enjoy being able to use all my senses in a delightful way every time I have a Guinness in my hand.

View of Dublin

Story by Rene May , United States

The Guinness Factory in Dublin is fantastic. Go all the way to the top and have a Guinness while looking at Dublin. Great View!

Authentic beer

Story by joseph sudjono , Indonesia

Guinness is my favourite beer, because it tastes different. It has the authentic and original smell and taste of truly great beer. I always feel classy when i drink it.

The Legend Beer for my Family

Story by kezia shintya , Indonesia

Guinness beer has always been the main choice in our family for generations at family gatherings or celebrations. I think it is a very sensational taste of beer. Guiness beer is always in the hearts of my family members.

Now I really want a pint...

Story by DarrynMWright , Canada

Some years back I worked on the Guinness account at an ad agency. As a Guinness drinker, I loved it, knew others who loved it, blah blah blah. But there was something else – something more sublime about the pint. It wasn’t just the surge and settle, the ‘perfect pour’, the tan head or the…

Always time for Guinness

Story by Rajeev Ravindranathan , India

I hate waiting for anything or anyone. Except a pint of Guinness Draught. There’s always, always time for Guinness. Just sitting at a bar and watching as the bartender pours me one. The dark liquid rolling around, a surge of bubbles and cream; almost a warning. It’s time to set down the glass for the…

Symbolises wholesome strength

Story by Alison Welsh , United Kingdom

Guinness symbolises wholesome strength to me. I had low iron levels after being pregnant with my first child and drank half a pint of Guinness a day to boost them. It worked! Iron levels to beat all records! Whether it was a fluke or not, I always feel like I am drinking something that is…

Guinness Extra Cold

Story by Neil Perkin , United Kingdom

How do take a brand that’s been around for years, everyone knows what it is, everyone knows how good it is…and change it, make it better, change how it’s consumed? Guinness have done just that. Somehow, it now doesn’t seem right when drunk warm.

It's great theatre

Story by Andrew Clark , United Kingdom

It’s great theatre. I was in Dublin and ordered a Guinness and the performance that went with pulling the perfect pint took fully 5 minutes. This would have been a problem except the barman asked me what I would have to drink while I waited!

No such pleasure

Story by Ioannis Filis , Greece

Once a dark sky was about to rain and everyone was waiting. Once a dark sky was about to rain and everyone was waiting to get wet, and everyone knew that there is no such pleasure than after a dark sky, “light” follows!

Beer of choice

Story by Lewis Janxsen , Romania

I have never been a beer lover – well, not until I tried Guinness 20 years ago. I don’t think it’s the drink per se that really makes me love it, but there’s just something about the experience that is associated with drinking that dark malty brew that makes it my beer of choice.

They serve it extremely cold...

Story by Edward Foley , United States

When visiting Ireland I found that it tastes even better over there. The reason, they serve it extremely cold, as close to freezing as they can get it. Also, over there they advertised like a health drink. In fact they are not far off, even though it has a rich taste, in calorie content, it…

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