Guarana Antarctica

Guarana Antarctica is the most popular guarana-flavored soft drink in Brazil, created in 1921. Guarana is a berry found only in Venezuela and the northern parts of Brazil with properties similar to caffeine.

A Brazilian institution

Story by Stewart Faith , United Kingdom

This is a Brazilian institution. You can by this anywhere in Brazil – but beware of inferior Guaranas, like the one made by Coca-Cola (Kuart)!

The most uniquely delicious drinks

Story by Tammy , United States

Guarana is one of the things I miss most from my 7 month stay in Brazil. It is definitely one of the most uniquely delicious drinks you will ever taste. I hope it catches on more in the US soon. There isn’t a large Brazilian population where I live, and it is next to impossible…

Brazilians miss it when they live abroad

Story by Cecilia Novaes , Brazil

Guaraná Antarctica is a soft drink made of a native plant found only in the Amazonian forest. As it happened to Coca-Cola, many manufacturers tried to make a similar product, but none of them succeeded. Its formula is a secret. Guaraná Antarctica is one of the products Brazilians miss when they live abroad. Nothing tastes…

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