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Google is an Internet search engine. It is owned by Google Inc. who aims "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful."


Story by Hosana Amore

Thank you google i love you so much. You make my life so easy and everythings become great

Best friend

Story by Christopher Alver , Indonesia

I love to talk about the same things many times. Google is like a best friend who listens and gives answers to the same questions either on the same day or several days in a row. You remember what I asked and what kind of answers you gave. You even let me read the same…

If Google was deleted

Story by Prana Warman , Indonesia

Google has been a God to me. If google was deleted, I can’t ‘google’ “what happened to google”. By then, I’d be mad. Google is the answer to everything.


Story by josse keyzer , Indonesia

In modern day like today we really need hero who can provide us information, because when you have the information you need you can conquer everything. You save all us humans on this planet Thank you Google

Best Search worldwide

Tryed other searchengines, i dont like to use the famoust products and give no one else a chance i will try other search engines further but i think google is still the best….

One Solution For All

Story by Daniel Adrian , Indonesia

I don’t know what to say. Google is like God who knows everything, and when I need answers I can always find it through you. What can I say? Genius!!

King of Information

Story by Yolanda Wulandelvi , Indonesia

You can get all the information in one-search! It really helps with every single problem. For every solution, all you need to do is Google it, and you’ll find the answer!!


Story by Jason Hadinata , Indonesia

Search engine? translator? converter? google maps? google earth? google sky? flight track? proxy? google glass? TELL ME WHAT GOOGLE CAN’T DO!


Story by Jesika Chandra , Indonesia

Google is the best search engine in the world. You can search for anything and everything with just a simple word. Thank you Google for being awesome in my life.

Life Dictionary

Story by Windra , Indonesia

I can’t imagine, if there was no Google, our lives would be lost in translation. Google helps me in everything. To get information about what I am looking for, it’s like my Life Dictionary.

The smartest search engine

Story by Noviana Suryadewi , Indonesia

Google is simply the best Search Engine I ever used. I have used Google so many times to find information on pretty much anything….Google has always given me the right answers and resources after just a few seconds. There is nothing easier to use than Google. Thank you Google. 

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