Gold Pencil - The One Show award

The One Club is an American non-profit recognizes excellence in advertising. The One Show Gold Pencils are considered an esteemed accolade of achievement by in the advertising world.

The pencil is it

Story by Mike , United States

I couldn’t agree more. The pencil is it. Even winning merit and getting in the annual makes us Ad folk happy. But the gold makes you famous. If you win a lot of them, that is.

That emotional, irrational, beautiful thing

Story by Kara Verhoorn , United States

A Gold Pencil is the top award from the God-like judges of the One Show that acknowledges creative excellence in Advertising and serves as a source for inspiration worldwide. Its pursuit has elicited fear, mystery, jealousy, self-doubt and narcissistic rage. Sometimes I even get nasty. But here’s the part I really love. The quest for…

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