Gmail, or Google Mail, is a free Webmail and POP3 email service provided by Google.

Organising my life

Story by Aurelia Kartika , Indonesia

I love being entertained and seeing promotions, but I like having a neat and tidy email as well. Gmail makes that possible. I can file all emails separately with three different tabs so I can find whatever I need in a few seconds.

Clean, Crisp, Clear

Story by Sassa , Indonesia

Everytime I open my emails I get to use this fantatsic service. Its clean and crisp and clear. Its such an amazing program. 

Love My Gmail

Story by Iwanwho , Indonesia

Sending an email is just as easy as 1..2..3. Since fining Gmail back in 2004, when it was still exclusively by invitation only, I never look at any other email service provider. Its clean, simple, fast, and easy. 

My way of communicating

Story by Allie

Gmail is my way of communicating with the world. Unlike other email services, it filters out all of unnecessary spam and keeps an organized structure for all of my messages. In the past, I’ve had Yahoo!, Hotmail, MSN, and other email accounts. Gmail just makes everything easy and convenient. It’s simple yet it allows me…

Every single detail is perfectly planned

Story by Paola , Mexico

I love Gmail. It’s everything about it. Every single detail is perfectly planned. From keeping e-mail conversations in a single mail entry, being able to label incoming mail (Several labels at once! And in colors!) to being able to chat right inside the e-mail window. No matter where you are Gmail can really make your…

Gmail just treats me too damn well

Story by Katie Laird , United States

Gmail keeps me sane and helps me connect my work and personal lives seamlessly. The fact that I am able to do so much within my Gmail interface (IM/Twitter, update my calendar, collaborate on spreadsheets) saves me valuable valuable minutes. I simply can’t force myself to use another interface. Gmail just treats me too damn…

You know it's love

Story by Janette Luu , United States

Gmail has made my inbox so much more manageable! I can’t imagine using another e-mail program. You know it’s love, when I’m willing to take the time to e-mail them with suggestions.

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