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FreelanceByU is a website dedicate to help people live a frugal lifestyle with money saving tips and opportunities.

Thanks for all you do!

Story by Marie OReilly , United States

I have been a follower of Anjie and Freelancebyu for almost 10 years. I have not only saved tons of $$$ because of her freebies, GDA’s, but it has allowed me to be able to help others less fortunate. Anjie is a true believer of Roak’s and because of her unselfishness, she has allowed us…

A tremendous asset to me

Story by Sparky , United States

I have been receiving FLBU for several years and it’s been a tremendous asset to me for several things. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars on gifts, etc. I sincerely appreciate Anjie and the FLBU team for their efforts. It’s not just about the sales and coupons, but also the volume of “caring” in their efforts to…

I love this site

Story by dalainy , United States

Not only do I love this site, but my family loves all the wonderful things we have thanks to the great people at FreelanceByU!

I absolutely love FreelanceByU

Story by Shelley Dillon , United States

I absolutely love FreelanceByU. I have saved money, won contests and the free samples I have got have been wonderful. I check FreelanceByU before doing anything else on the Net.

FLBU means the world to me

Story by Sandra McAninch , United States

FLBU means the world to me! It has taught me to save money with coupons, get freebies and samples, and share with my friends and church friends what I’ve learned! I give thanks for FLBU and all Anjie does to help us and so many others in so many ways. You are such a blessing!! Thanks!!

The site is so much more

Story by Terri Mullins , United States

This site is so much more then just a way to save or get free stuff. You have a sense of family and belonging when you join and get involved. With the numerous charitable contributions and special events like the secret santa that I have been involved with, it gives you such a feeling of…

I have saved thousands

Story by Anna , United States

I have saved thousands of dollars – over $5000 in 2006 alone (I did keep track) – because of the money saving hints and deals on freelancebyu. I am not kidding. Because of this site I have been able to buy new clothes, household items, and other things that I would have had to skimp…

Changed the way I shop

Story by Crystal Larson , United States

FreelanceByU has changed the way I shop and has saved me tons of money. I have always considered myself a frugal shopper but thanks to FreelanceByU I am saving even more money than before!!!

I love the deals

Story by Patricia Campbell , United States

I love the deals she finds and she will even tell you what she orders. It is usually things I want too, so I get really good deals! One time I got a little TV for FREE! I wouldn’t have known how to combine the deal without her help!

I'm a lifer for sure!!

Story by Terri Mullins , United States

I can’t even tell you the amount of money and time I have saved over the years just by the luck of finding Anjie and Freelancebyu. Not only that, this site has heart. The charitable contributions and helping they do is fantastic!! The X-mas “santa’s elf” program has touched me more then once. This site…

FLBU really helped me out

Story by Debi-Jill Keller , United States

I love this site! I have told all of my friends about it. I love getting the emails. All of the free and low cost things have really helped me out as I am a single mom and my son has a lof of medical issues so most of my money goes to doctors. Through…

You are truly appreciated!

Story by Julie Thomas , United States

Freelancebyu and Anjie have made life better for all of their subscribers. With her enormous heart and kind spirit, Anjie works so hard to help us all delight in freebies, fantastic shopping deals, and lots of great tips! I have saved so much money with all of the freebies and sale items that she has…

Advice for living a frugal life

Story by Sandra Branstetter , United States

Getting the most for our money is essential for our family. That is why I love getting my newsletter to see what the latest great deals and freebies she has for us. Thanks to Anjie, I have been able to start my own gift closet with a lot of her deals. I am so grateful…

The best internet website

Story by Marie Ballard , United States

Anjie is our guardian angel in finding the best deals in the shopping world. She knows how to save us so much money. Every newsletter comes with great savings for those who cannot afford most of the luxuries in life.. The best internet website.

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