Freecycle is a nonprofit grassroots movement of people who give and receive stuff for free in their local towns to reduce the amount of waste produced.

One of the best ideas anyone has ever had

Story by Ice , United States

Love FreeCycle. Think it is one of the best ideas anyone has ever had. There are so many great reasons to use and love FreeCycle. From keeping things out of landfills to helping someone find something they need. A way to pass your things on and really feel good about giving them away.

A great program

Story by Jessica Gray , United States

Freecycle is such a great program – It’s wonderful to see so many people in so many communities helping each other out while not filling up our landfills! Thank you so much for having such a great idea!!

Doing something about it

Story by Valeria Mainwald , United States

I LOVE Freecycle Eugene, we are an awesome group of people taking the problem of excess junk and doing something about it. I meet new people and find out who of the people I already know are really cool. It just feels good and I don’t have to feel guilty. If there is a local…

Sometimes people just need things

Story by April Smith , United States

I think that Freecycle is one of the greatest ideas. I run the Fort Polk/ Leesville Louisiana group. I think Freecycle is important to my area because on a military base people are always coming and going, and we aquire lots of stuff with all of our moves. Also sometimes people just need things and…

Feels great to make this kind of connection

Story by Elizabeth , United States

Freecycling is an all around win – some folks get something they’d like – for free – some people get rid of something they don’t need anymore – without having to toss it – and everyone gets to make personal contact with someone else in the process. In such a DISconnected world, it feels great…

Takes recycling a step further

Story by Holly S , United States

Great idea… I’d heard of Freecycle before but forgot all about it. Now I’m registered and can’t wait to recycle more. I’ve been a recycler for over 20 years now. This just takes recycling a step further.

Spinning off more groups

Story by Susan Reynolds , United States

This freecycle concept is such a fabulous idea – and I put my time where my mouth is by moderating a freecycle group for the Dulles corridor in Virginia. When I’m not moderating my group or spinning off more local freecycle groups I’m using freecycled items at www.susanreynolds.com for what else – to make art!


Story by Dick Huddleston , United States

Freecyle is a grassroots environmental movement whose goal is to recycle and reduce waste and landfill space by connecting people who are throwing away unwanted items with others who are seeking the same items (and have a little fun in the process). No item is too big or too small; but since this is a…

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