Faygo is a brand of soft drink that is available in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions in the United States.

Reminds me of childhood

Story by Jody Buhay , Japan

Faygo always reminds me of my childhood in Michigan. Two liters for 99 cents! Fabulous! When I moved I missed it so much I had friends ship me some Red Pop.

Love Faygo to death

Story by Loki , United States

What up? Listen, I’ve been down for a while, and where I come from, there aren’t any Faygo dealers. Me and all my homies love Faygo to death, but have the hardest time getting hold of it.


Story by Deb Mirow , United States

Faygo really is undersold, very comparable and in some cases better than the leading brand at much lower prices. I’ll take a Faygo over everything else anytime!

Leaves you with a kool-aid like smile

Story by Michelle Brown , United States

Unfortunately Faygo is a regional item, produced in Michigan. However for those of us lucky enough to have grown up on the stuff, you know what I am talking about. Faygo soda is a step above regular sodas with its interesting flavors such as Rock n Rye and Red Pop, the classics like Root Beer…

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