Enya is an Irish vocalist, instrumentalist, and composer. She is Ireland's best-selling solo artist, and is known for her World, Celtic, and New Age music.

Give a sense of tranquility

Story by Garniasih Garniasih , Indonesia

I fell in love with her songs because they give a sense of tranquility with a neo-classical touch. The distinct musical instruments and tones, combined with her perfect soft voice, takes me to a whole different level in terms of music entertainment. Another reason for my liking her music is her native country being Ireland,…

I simply am passionate about her music!

Story by Marcio Lins , Brazil

This is what it happens with good arrangement, good notes and an excellent voice! Calm, but not critical, reflective, and you are aware to some of the best subjects sung by Enya. I simply am passionate about her music!

Songs that truly touch my heart

Story by Christina Winikoff , United States

Enya has sung many beautiful songs that truly touch my heart. Whenever I am feeling stressed, lonely or sad her music heals my emotional wounds. Her music is inspiring and fills me with awe. I even included one of her songs in my wedding ceremony. This song added so much more emotion to the ceremony…

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