Elan is a brand of skis and snowboards designed and manufactured in Slovenia.

These skis are THE BEST

Story by bepi , United States

M999 thumbs up!!! I decided to take my new pair of M999 with me while I was traveling to Europe. It is never pleasant to carry a pair of skis along while traveling and I regretted taking them until I stopped for 3 days in Chamonix. Oh dear God, I had 3 full days of…

My true Lovemark

Story by Robert Nikolic , Croatia

Something I could refer to as my true Lovemark. I am passionate about Elan skies and I have used them for the last 20 years because during that time they were constantly implementing new ideas and concepts in ski design and ski techniques. That includes every type of skiing – Alpine, Nordic, snowboarding or ski jumping. They are…

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