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Ducati is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer located in Bologna, Italy.

It's freaking perfection.

Story by Mohammad Bayu Edigani , Indonesia

My Scrambler shines around town. The upright seating position and wide bars make juking through traffic exceptionally easy. The same goes for the freeway, where the 56.8-inch wheelbase keeps things steady and the unfaired front end blows enough wind onto your chest to keep you upright without trying.

This bike is insane!

Story by salmanhakim

Ducati just launched their new product in Bali on 23 August. I have tried this “crazy” motorbike. On the highway, my maximum speed is 205 km/h. What an amazing motorbike. My favorite Ducati model is the Monster Diesel. It has an “army” look and style of a Ducati Monster. With 1200 cc, this bike can…

I close my eyes and dream Ducati

Story by Frode Aanensen , Norway

Well, trying to finish the license, Norway got to difficult theoretic test! But im spending my time with headphones, listening to the sweet Ducati symphony. It makes me smile big time. My heart starts beating faster and my body gets restless. The only thing I can do is close my eyes and dream Ducati. My…

Motorcycle poetry

Story by Anant Deboor , Hong Kong

I absolutely totally love my Ducati Monster. It is a magic potion on wheels. It has an attitude and presence every other bike can only dream of. From the naked looks which invite you to feel the gorgeous machinery to that legendary sound that has been described as the ‘song of the Ducati’ – I…

Never been stereotypical

Story by Brian , United States

For the better part of 30 years I’ve been on just about everything from countless sportbikes, cruisers, Harleys to one off coustom bikes and racers. Much of these bikes blend together into a grey mush in my mind. However, Ducati has never been stereotypical, and all my memories of the marque or a vivid red….

Destroy it in the twisties..

Story by Karl Balmer , United States

I have been a BMW rider for years and appreciate them for the Long DIstance good handling well built bikes they are. That said there is something the 996 installs that is lustful. It is the only bike I have ever ridden that makes me want to hunt another bike down and destroy it in…

Combined in both

Story by Don M , United States

The Ferrari of motorcycles. (Which can be a good thing or a bad thing, on any particular day). I feel lucky to own both an older and newer Ducati. Design, performance and history are combined in both bikes. Love ’em.


Story by John , United States

I’ve lusted for a Ducati Superbike for years. This summer I finally was able to buy one. It has been everything I expected and hoped. It will act as an extension of my arms and legs with a precision I’ve not found in other motorcycles. I am fearless riding it. The sounds it makes get…


Story by Mark Venning , United Kingdom

What can I say? Gorjuss, Gorjuss, Gorguss. Oustanding design, great sound, goes like stink and handles like it looks, Gorjuss. I’ve got a Ducati and I love it! It would take a fair amount to get me to part with it too, even thinking about another one to make a stablemate for the one I…

Truly unique

Story by Mario Baroz , United States

I rode Japanese sport bikes for 15 years and was tired of the same old design regurgitated over and over again. Ducati’s are truly unique and I will never, ever sell mine. The performance is all I could ever want and the bike never fails to elicit a positive remark wherever I go. Red, fast,…

A long term relationship

Story by Ron Betts , United States

I am 51 years young and have been riding and racing motorcycles for at least 40 of those years. I currently ride my 95 Ducati 900 SP every day as my transportation and pleasure rides. The bike has performed flawlessly every time I fire it up. I have owned just about every brand and I…

The passionate Ducatisti

Story by Rob Allen , United States

The Ducati name has a rich history, and much of it spent racing. Even their most modern (and most esoteric) cycles carry the blood of the thoroughbred. It’s not what bike won last weekend’s superbike race that drives the passionate Ducatisti, but that long history of pure devotion to speed. If the sound of the…

Come to embody motorcycling for me

Story by Ray Kang , United States

After a long day riding twisty roads with good friends, sitting in the parking lot having a beer, I was capitivated by a buddy’s Ducati and within 6 months had my own. The look, the sound, the design, the smell. In over two decades of motorcycling, I’ve never been so completely struck. Five years and…

Innate style of the Ducati

Story by Alex Bell , Switzerland

Over the last 20 years, my Ducatis have proved to be more expensive, more temperamental, more uncomfortable, less practical and quite often slower than the motorcycles of my friends. But they have been more admired, more trusted at speed and procured a visceral riding experience that other brands of bike can only dream about. Even…

Ask any real bike enthusiast

Story by Keith Davidson , Italy

Harley Davidson may be a Lovemark if you are a bearded greebo from Iowa, or a city broker having a mid-life crisis, but ask any real bike enthusiast what their Lovemark is and it will probably be Ducati. Ducati make high performance sports bikes and that is all. They don’t make lawnmowers or outboard engines,…

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