Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon is a brand of champagne produced by Moet et Chandon.

A legend

Story by Dimo Valev , United Arab Emirates

Dom Perignon is more than a beverage, more than a Champagne: it is all of this and much more. Dom Perignon is a legend, Dom Perignon is a lifestyle, Dom Perignon is…you. So please let’s not act as the fox from the famous fable of La Fontaine (Le Renard et les Raisins): Mais comme il…

The coldest most clinical and cynical lover

Story by Doug Thomas , United Kingdom

Dom Perignon has lost its sparkle to me. It may carry the name of the grand-daddy of all champagnes, but it’s made by Moet and drunk by James Bond. More importantly, it is fantastically over-priced and hasn’t ever given anything back. Its the coldest most clinical and cynical lover. If you like tradition, Pol Roger…

Nectar of the soul

Story by Arran Fisher-Wilson , United Kingdom

To start with, nothing has a more satisfying sound than a cork coming out of a champagne bottle, but one that releases the nectar of the soul has an even more beautiful sound! Dom Perignon is the perfect champagne and is so subtle in it’s style. Which, as we all know, outlives fashion. Stunningly beautiful,…

Im not sure why I like it so much ?

Story by Rachelle Palmer , United States

So Dom Perignon is probably the most overpriced Champagne. I’m not so sure where I heard about it or why I like it so much (scratching head)? I think if it is this expensive, it has to be good. Right?

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