Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band is an American rock band formed in 1991 by singer, songwriter and guitarist Dave Matthews.

I have another listen and the ideas gush

Story by Anonymous

You know how Picasso had distinctive creative periods (i.e. The Blue Period)? Well, when people look back at my artistic/literary life they will see my Dave Matthews Band period. The amount of inspiration I’ve taken from the band’s work is astonishing. Just when I think the well’s run dry, I have another listen and the…

Simply brilliant

Story by Jess , Australia

The most admirable thing about Dave Matthews Band is their talent and passion for their fans and the music they keep churning out. In a nut shell, they’re simply brilliant!

Makes me feel a galaxy of emotions.

Story by Deb , United States

The Dave Matthews Band – amazing talent, lyrics that make me think, make me smile, make me feel a galaxy of emotions. Music that you can’t stand still for and music that you can simply “be” and absorb. Inspirational, fun, beautiful guys making music for the sheer joy of it. And lucky us, to have…

THE best band ever

Story by April , Canada

I just have to say that the Dave Matthews Band is THE best band ever. This isn’t a long list of what makes them so great, but just take my word for it – Dave Matthews ROCKS!

They have never forgotten

Story by David Schoenberg , United States

The Dave Matthews Band is incredibly special to legions of fans. Yet what makes the music so special is different for everyone. To some it’s the lyrics, to some it’s the musicianship and to others the concert experience. Yet everybody agrees one point: they adore DMB. It should be noted that the band is incredibly…

Unique and commonplace at the same time

Story by Cindy Cox , United States

Do their vague and poetic lyrics allow us all to relate, or is it their social consciousness and humor that ease us into thinking about important issues, that make them so marvellous? The Dave Matthews Band is a group of five diverse individuals (sometimes more) that bring their unique formation, be it in classical, jazz,…

I feel better instantly

Story by Taylor Voegeli , United States

The Music from the Dave Matthews Band is simply the best. If I want an extra bit of happiness all I have to do is put on any of their music and I feel better instantly.

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