Curious Brew

Curious Brew is a range of beers created using a combination brewing and wine-making techniques.

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The beer is fantastic - and different

Story by Graham Taylor , United Kingdom

Haven’t seen this before when it was offered to me by a good friend on a trip to see him in Kent. I’ve never heard someone bang on about how good something is for quite so long or so passionately. Although I don’t think he’s having an affair with anyone at the winery, it sounded…

This was just gorgeous

Story by Cassie Lyman-Dixon , United Kingdom

I had this same beer at a Chophouse Restaurant in London over the Valentines Weekend. I have to say that I was reticent because I usually hate lagers that always seem to have a ‘tinny’ aftertaste but I was persuaded and this was just gorgeous – really soft finish and not a metallic twang in…

I've made sure that 2 more cases were ordered

Story by Gian Franco , United Kingdom

First tried this beer during the Chelsea vs Barcelona game the other week to go with our obligatory pizza. Not sure exactly what the wine making technique used for the beer is, but it’s a great tasting beer. I’ve made sure that 2 more cases were ordered off their website in time for the return….

Love at first sip

Story by Doug Thomas , United Kingdom

I’m not really into my beer that much. More of a wine guy. At a Hotel du Vin, I was encouraged to try a new beer by a ridiculously enthusiastic French barman. Love at first sip. I’d never heard of it. It seems no one else has either. But its divine. And it does what…

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