Unique ideas and bits of wisdom

Story by Rachel Prescott , United States

After reading Kim and Mauborgne’s “Blue Ocean Strategy” and reveling in its brilliance and simplicity, I was very pleased to find a web site that highlights innovative ’blue ocean’ accomplishments and provides unique ideas and bits of wisdom. Mr. Burt’s apparent intelligence and creativity make this site useful (and enjoyable) for M.B.A. students and corporate…

I’m a passionate follower

Story by Mitch Berman , Czech Republic

I’m a passionate follower of Creating Blue Oceans and I have to say that it’s one of the best sites on the Internet when it comes to Blue Ocean Strategy and Innovation. Working in marketing and innovation, I respect and appreciate the views it presents, as well as its creative approach. For me, Creating Blue…

A blue ocean on Blue Ocean

Story by Cheenu Srinivasan , Australia

Creating Blue Ocean website offers a kaleidescope of ideas; a blue ocean on Blue Ocean with a rich tapestry of views. It offers both an artist’s visual imagery on the one hand and a writer’s story telling at the same time. Both/and thinking out there in practice!

New ways of thinking

Story by Kimberly McDonald , United States

In financial services, sometimes it’s too easy to get caught up in paperwork and policy. I follow Creating Blue Oceans daily because it provides me with meaningful and creative ideas. New ways of thinking really. Ideas which inspire me in the workplace, and that keep me thinking creatively at home. One day the site talks…

A framework to carve out a fun, meaningful life

Story by Salvatore Catalano , Switzerland

To me the “Creating Blue Oceans” site is a Lovemark because I love the way it reminds me of the creative direction I wish to take in business. It’s not just about the book Blue Ocean Strategy, and it’s not just about business, rather, it’s a framework to carve out a fun, meaningful life. It’s…

Creating Blue Oceans unstuck me

Story by Edmund Lee , Singapore

I had read the book Blue Ocean Strategy cover to cover. I had considered all the Six Paths and tried to apply it to my business, but somehow I couldn’t seem to find the right Path to use. I was really stuck. Creating Blue Oceans unstuck me. The response, advice and invaluable encouragement I got…

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