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Coca-Cola is one of the world’s most recognizable and widely sold commercial brands. Originally intended as a patent medicine, it is now sold as a soft drink in more than 200 countries.

Icy Love

Story by sinrevelar , El Salvador

I love the zizzly-bubbly sensation down my throat when I drink my coke directly from the cold-freezing can, but when my friend poured it (careful enough not to spill it, not to take the gas from it) from a crystal bottle to a a crystal glass full of ice… boy, a new dimension of “refreshness”…

Mood Booster

Story by Putu Agus , Indonesia

When I am not in a good mood, drinking Coca-Cola is one of my ways to make me fresh and on fire again.

Can't beat it

Story by Femi Osikoya

Nothing quite measures up to Coca-Cola. That is aptly captured in one of the Coke ads! “Can’t beat it, you can’t fight it. The feeling you get from a Coca-Cola.” Have been captivated since the mid 70s and still find nothing like it. Truly can’t be beat.

My Mom Love's Coca Cola

Since i was a baby i always remembered Coca Cola in my house. I think it’s because my Mom said to my daddy she was always thirsty and with the heat the only way she was calm was by drinking a super cold coke. I think my daddy gave my mommy her coca cola cause…

Best Coke

Story by muttaqin amiin , Indonesia

Coca-Cola is a great soft drink, it is very refreshing and give’s me a boost when i need one. There are many reasons why coca-cola is a great soft drink, delicious, tasty, cheap, and easy to carry anywhere.

So Refreshing

Story by muttaqin amiin , Indonesia

A very refreshing drink which is great on a hot summer’s day. I love the fizz when its just opened and the flavour is like no other. The best one!

Real Taste of Soda

Story by Dayat Aditya , Indonesia

I love it when it fills my throat after the first sip. Feels like something is boosting up your mood and refreshing your body. Coca-Cola, the real taste of Soda.

Sweet and sparkling

Story by Nathalia Gunarian , Indonesia

I always feel energized when drinking a bottle of Coca-Cola. Its great sweet taste and the sparkling bubbles make Coca-Cola my favourite drink. 

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