Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs are a Major League Baseball team based in Chicago, Illinois. The team is part of the National League.

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We are more in love than ever!

Story by Hawaiian Puncher , United States

Love beyond the fence! Remember the first time you got in love? You never knew what happened, it just happened. Reason is Ouuut! We all know Lovemark’s principles and specially this: After a consumer falls in love with your brand YOU NEVER DISAPPOINT HIM/HER. Well, Chicago CUBS just broke that rule. After a hundred years…

Proud to tell everyone

Story by Rich , United States

I have been a die-hard Cubs fan since I was little. Even though they havn’t won since 1908, this year they’re going to win the World Series. Last year, when they lost in the pennant game, I didn’t take my Cubs flag down until the 3rd game of the World Series. Being in the military,…

Loyalty is a long-term relationship

Story by Anne Mies , United States

As a former Chicagoan, The Cubs ARE Chicago, they epitomize loyalty, they establish community and they stand alone in baseball as a team with fans – albeit they have not won a championship in…how many years? It has been too long to remember — thus branded as losers. Now in 2003 they are leading in…

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