Chevrolet is a brand of automobile produced by General Motors. It is GM’s largest brand.

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My First Car

Story by putusutha , Indonesia

In 2004 I won a national talent show in Indonesia and the winning prize was a Chevrolet Aveo. My first car when I was 18 years old. It’s been 10 years now and my Chevo is still with me and it always will be.

Represents someone that I love

Story by Jenna Wisler

There was nothing quite like it: the feeling I got from riding shotgun in the front seat of my daddy’s big Chevy pickup truck. From the time I was a little girl, I loved taking rides in my dad’s truck-even if it was just going into town for a quick errand, or down the road…

It's a Chevy and I'm in love

Story by Martin Sharp , United States

I’ve owned many autos in my time but never a Chevy. When it came time to replace my 10 year old Saturn, I searched and searched until I found a 2006 Chevrolet Malibu 4 door sedan. It’s not new but, it’s a Chevy and I’m in love. The car is all electronic. The door locks the windows, everything. It’s awesome….

Long lasting, dependable and sexy

Story by Maranatha , United Kingdom

Chevy just says American to me. I grew up in various different places, from the city to the country, and one thing remained the same…Chevrolet was long lasting, dependable, sexy, and just down-right American. My love has grown even more since watching NASCAR, and I eventually want to own a Monte Carlo.

I've been a Camaro fanatic since I was a child

Story by Heidi , United States

I love Camaros. I’ve been a Camaro fanatic since I was a child. I once owned a ’77 and now I have an ’01. True, they’re not winter cars, but it is a car with enormous personality. The feel of the car is an indescribable, but powerful. I may never own another Camaro (the insurance…

Not easily described in writing.

Story by Steven Pottle , United States

Corvette embodies the best values in American Motoring. speed, creativity, style, ingenuity, value, and uniquness. As cars go, the Corvette driving experience is at the height of sensuality. The fact that GM is able to offer this world class car at one half or even one-fifth the price of comparable European exotic cars is a…

I will have it until I die

Story by Michael Hunt , United States

Fifty Years of sex appeal, speed, and owner worship says it all. The Corvette is the icon for American Made Cars. I currently own a 2000 C-5 Coupe and will have it until I die.

I would love to own another Camaro

Story by Karen Knegten , United States

I owned a 1992 Camaro for three years, and have had 3 other cars since then. But I still miss the power and the pleasure of driving my Camaro – my mid-life crisis car! iving in the Midwest – it just wasn’t practical for driving in the snow. One day, when I can afford to…

Sleek, sexy, awesome

Story by Laurie Luberti , United States

It’s sleek and powerful. It’s such a beautiful car. I love the third generation ones the most (1982-1992). I know the car well. It is a very sexy car. I owned a 1987 Carmaro IROC special edition and a 1984 sport coupe. It is awesome to have so much power under you!!!

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